The Next Great Hab??

Montreal is a franchise rich in goaltending greatness. Hainsworth, Vezina, Durnan, Dryden, Roy… the list seems endless. Now, on the eve of his first NHL playoff game, Carey Price may be the next name added to the list.

Having watched him approximately 10 times this season Price is the most calm goalie I have ever seen no matter the situation (see video – in French and long but awesome during a 2-man PK).

Recently Goalies World magazine featured him in their “Style Analysis” and had these comments:

“Carey is already a champion (from winning the Gold in 2007 World Juniors and the American Hockey League Championship) forever. He knows it and his current and future teammates know it.”

“Price has already established one thing. He can win under pressure. He can make the big save and win the big game.”

“Mentally, he is a very mature young man. He is cool in his net but is very competitive.”

It will be exciting to watch him in his first NHL playoffs. Can he beat and the Habs beat Boston?  Apparently Bob Gainey, the Habs GM, thinks so – he traded Montreal’s #1 to Washington to give the reins to Price. Considering the Habs are the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, it’s not like Gainey is trying this kids out. Price will win the series and should, at least, take the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. Game One is tomorrow.


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