Chances Are, Little Johnny, You Are Not the Next Patrick Roy

Great article about the chances of getting to the NHL – if you are young and playing hockey, play because you love the game not because you think you’ll get to professional level. 

Playing the game of hockey, particularly as a netminder, will teach invaluable lessons to assist you through the rest of your life. Being part of a team while having to depend on yourself, handling pressure, the value of hard work, skill development, discipline – these are lessons that can be learned in this great sport.

I tell all my AAA players, “one day every player realizes their competitive hockey days are over.”  Very few get to make that choice on their own (Gretzky and Roy are the only two that come to mind right now). “What really matters are the lessons learned at the rink and how you apply them to your life.”

Net Lesson

If you are good enough to make it to the NHL, let alone major junior or Division I college, you are among the very few. That’s an amazing acheivement and you deserve a “pat on the back.” But, applying the lessons learned on the ice to real life that is what real “professionals” do.


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