Brutal Goaltending But Rebounds Being Mentally Tough

Wow… was that bad!!! Carey Price and the Habs had a chance to eliminate the Bruins this evening but Price’s brutal goaltending kept the series alive. Playing in front of his home crowd, Price had his worst period of the year allowing four goals against in the 3rd to lose 5-1. Three of the goals were questionable at best. It was really a clinic in bad goaltending.

BUT… he has already moved on and is focused on winning Game Six in Boston. With the mind of a champion he responded “I won’t think about it again after I leave this dressing room. I haven’t had too many bad games back to back, so we’re going to be looking to play a lot better in Boston.”

This is an incredible statement from a 20-year old rookie – he is talking like a confident veteran. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how he performs Saturday night – I think he will be fine.

Net Lesson

What happened tonight is done. All the goals against are now irrelevant. Why? He can’t make those saves now. So, he has to mentally move on and make sure he is prepared for his next challenge.

All goalies need the ability to refocus after a goal against or bad game so they can give their team the chance to win. All goalies will allow a soft goal. All goalies will experience a bad game. So when it happens to you, so what? As I tell all goalies I work with, “all you can do is make sure you are ready for the next shot and save it.”

Is this easy? No. It may be the hardest skill for a goalie to learn. But, as a goalie, you owe it to your team. 

Over the coming weeks the elite goaltending blog will give many tips on how to acheive the art of letting goals and losses go and refocusing the mind on the next shot/game.


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