Selfish Lost

Yesterday I included a blurp on Ray Emery of the Ottawa Senators and how his selfish behavior was a problem.

“One day he’ll wake up realizing he should have acted differently. Hopefully, for him, it is not too late.”

Well, it is too late.  Emery will be gone from Ottawa this summer.

His next destination? Who knows but I guarantee he will be on a short lease with his career on the line.

Net Lesson

Poor attitudes never get a player anywhere. At all levels, hockey is a game of adversity and those who rise above succeed while the others fail. Emery has failed and will pay a steep price.

No matter the adversity (getting benched, poor performance and/or officiating, not getting along with teammates/coach) dedicate yourself to overcoming it. Adversity is only a problem when you view it as such. Most the times it is a hidden opportunity.

Don’t become a Ray Emery.


2 Responses to Selfish Lost

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