Message to All Youth

Yesterday I was notified one of the players from the Colorado Thunderbirds ’91 (team I coached last season)  was in an accident and in the Intensive Care Unit at Boulder Community Hospital. I went to visit him and sit with is mother last night. While there I found out he had been playing around with friends and jumped onto the hood of his friend’s truck where he lost his balance and landed on his head. He has a fractured skull, bruised brain and severe consussion. More tests were to be run today to determine the extent of the injuries. There is a very good chance he is done playing hockey.

The reason I include this on a goalie-only blog is all kids should know this – no one is invincible. There are consequences for poor choices including severe risk to your health and well-being. Have fun but do not take anything too far. As I wrote in a book I left for him-

“In hockey you always get another shift – another chance. In life you don’t. Live life with how you play the game while keeping in mind when you’re called to the bench, it’s over.”

 I continued in an email to the other members of the Thunderbirds ’91 after my visit-

This accident was the result of screwing around with friends. There was no reason for this to happen – think before you do something stupid. As (Player’s Name) is finding out, he’s not invincible. Neither are you. He learned the hard way. Will you?

Always have fun with your friends. But, if something is going on (or about to happen) that you find yourself thinking it may not be the best thing to do, follow your instinct.


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