Is Pressure Getting to Price??

Known for his coolness (well spoken of in this blog), Carey Price of the Habs may be cracking a bit. He has not been as consistent as the team (and province of Quebec) would like. His performance last night in Philly (9 saves on 12 shots) was shakey at best with two questionable goals on shots that have to be saved this time of year.

Can he rebound and play as the Habs expect? I’m willing to go out on a limb and say he will have a very good Game Four. He has a tendency to bounce back after poor starts (see Game 7 against Boston) but he needs to work on his consistency. The Flyers know his weakness (glove hand, particularly high) and have tried to exploit it every shot.

Montreal could be the city that puts the most pressure on their pro team (any sport). Every year they miss-out on prized free agents (particurly non-French Canadians) due to the microscope the city and press put on each player.  Hopefully Price can fight his away through this by putting all distractions and pressure (on- and off-ice) and play well.

One note, it is refreshing Price speaks to the media. Very few goalies speak to the media, particurarly during the playoffs and especially when they are considered playing poorly. Says a ton about his character.

All goalies (Hab fans or not) should be cheering this 20-year old on.


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