Pressure Hab Goalie Style

Yes, I am aware this is the third post mentioning Price from Montreal but below is a description of the pressure a goalie faces in Montreal aside from what happens on-ice.

From Jim Kelly, a respected hockey journalist, in an editorial today arguing for Halak to start in net for the Habs in Game Four-

“Normally this would be a simple call, but nothing is ever simple in Montreal. Price is being promoted as the second-coming of St. Patrick of Roy or Ken Dryden and it’s in no small part because he’s been pushed into the role of playoff starter so quickly. And while the Habs management did it solely for hockey reasons, it has become a political and marketing and television issue as well. Benching Canada’s son for a Euro-trained netminder (even one who cut his competitive teeth in the QMJHL) is no easy call. Why it might even cause fans to spill out into the streets and set police cars on fire even if the Habs win.”

It is easy to dismiss this as hyperbole (younger goalies, find a dictonary) but considering what happned after Game 7 ( who knows what the Goons of Montreal would do.


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