2008 Summer Camp Details (Re-Post)

May 30, 2008

With the Summer Camp beginning tomorrow (05/31) I thought I’d post this again. See you tomorrow.



Hello Goalies and Goalie Parents,


It has been a while since details of the Summer Camp were announced and the first session is quickly approaching so we are sending this information so everyone is informed and no one misses anything.


I.                   Dates and Times of the Camp

The camp sessions are Saturday mornings beginning May 31 and ending August 9. There will be no session July 5th in observation of Independence Day. The first ice session begins promptly at 8.00 a.m. and the second at 9.30 a.m.. Each on-ice session is 75 minutes long and there is an ice-make between sessions. Details of off-ice sessions are listed below in Section V.


II.                Camp Location

All camp sessions will be held at the Ice Ranch. Address is 841 South Park Drive in Littleton. Ice Ranch phone number is 303.285.2110.


III.             Goalie Groups

There are two groups for the camp, each based on birth year. They are split evenly based on camp attendees.


                  Group One                               Birth Years 1999-1996

                  Group Two                              Birth Years 1995-1992


Each Group will have a specific Jr. Instructor who will accompany the group to both on- and off-ice sessions.


IV.              Group Information/Sessions

Each week Group One works on the ice first while Group Two begins with off-ice training.


V.                 Attendance

With a 10-week camp, we expect many goalies to miss at least one session. Please email us (elitegoaltending@yahoo.com) before the camp begins with date(s) you will be missing so the staff can plan sessions accordingly.


VI.              Final Payment

To reserve a slot in the camp, a deposit was required in the amount of $300.00. The remaining balance ($335.00) is due before your goalie begins their first on-, or off-ice, session. We are sorry but there are no exceptions.


Balances can be submitted when goalie checks-in the morning of May 31st. If a goalie is going to miss the first week, please notify us by email at elitegoaltending@yahoo.com and we will make arrangements.


Checks are to be made out to Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending.


VII.           Jerseys and Off-Ice Apparel

Goalies who did not participate in our camp last summer will receive a Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending jersey. Goalies at our camp need to wear jersey given to them last summer. If the jersey cannot be found, please contact us before the camp begins. No goalie will be allowed on-ice without the jersey unless Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending cannot provide the goalie with a jersey.


For off-ice training, Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending will provide each goalie a workout shirt and short. Both must be worn by all goalies while participating in off-ice sessions. Please make sure to bring shoes appropriate for working out. Any goalie without appropriate shoes will not be able to participate in the workouts and will have points deducted from the Rbk Challenge.


VIII.        Off-Ice Training Information

Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending recently formed a partnership with Pro-Athletic Development (PAD) for all of our goalie-specific off-ice workouts. We are very pleased to offer our goalies the opportunity to learn from the Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Colorado Avalanche.


Each off-ice session will last approximately 70 minutes and will concentrate solely on developing areas that will enhance each goalie’s on-ice performance.


Most off-ice sessions will take place on the second floor of the Ice Ranch in their workout area. There may be times where coaches take the goalies outside for workouts.


Sessions begin at 8.00 a.m. (Group 2) and 9.30 a.m. (Group 1). Goalies cannot be late to these sessions. If any goalie is late to any sessions, they will have one (1) point deducted from their Rbk Challenge points.


We advise each goalie have something to drink while participating in the off-ice sessions.


IX.              Rbk Challenge

Each goalie will participate in the Rbk Challenge as part of the camp. As before, each week there will be an on-ice drill as well as goalie-specific trivia questions to earn points. The top three goalies in points for each group will earn new Rbk goalie gear. The top three prizes are-

A.     Group One

1.      First Place                                        6k Goalie Pads

2.      Second Place                                    6k Catcher Blocker Set

3.      Third Place                                       6k Premier Stick

B.     Group Two

1.      First Place                                        8k Goalie Pads

2.      Second Place                                    7k Goalie Mask

3.      Third Place                                       6k Premier Stick


Point System is as follows-

A.     Point Accumulations

1.      On-Ice Session                               Up to 10 Points

2.      Trivia                                             Up to 10 Points

3.      Attendance                                     2 points each week attended

B.     Point Deductions  

1.      Late to On-/Off-Ice Sessions          1 point


To prevent problems with delivery (i.e. email spam filters, incorrect addresses), weekly results will not be emailed but posted on our Elite Goaltending blog (elitegoaltending.wordpress.com).


Weekly Rbk Challenge Questions will be posted on the blog each week by Sunday evening. To submit answers please click on our email link (listed with the questions) and send the email when answering is completed. All goalies must submit their answers by 8.00 a.m. Saturday morning to earn up to 10 points. If any questions are submitted after 8.00 a.m., the highest possible point total for the week is 5.


Please note, Kevin’s son, Dillon, will be participating in the camp and Rbk Challenge but will not be eligible to win any of the prizes if he were to finish in the top three in his group.


X.                 Goalie’s Behavior/The Ice Ranch

Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending is very pleased to offer our camp at The Ice Ranch and believe the facilities will be a perfect fit for our camp. Although we do not expect any problems, we do require all goalies treat the facility and its staff with full respect – particularly the locker rooms. If any goalie(s) is found to abuse the facility/staff in any manner, they will be sent home immediately and may be excused from the remainder of the camp. If excused, there will be no refunds issued by Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending and goalie will be held liable for any property damages to the rink.


XI.              Elite Goaltending Blog

All camp announcements, Rbk Challenge Questions and Weekly Recaps will be posted on our blog (elitegoaltending.wordpress.com). Throughout the camp, we advise all goalies to read blog entries as trivia questions may be based on content.


XII.           Contact Information

Please feel free to contact either Brian or Kevin with any questions throughout the camp. Please note, we will not discuss Rbk Challenge results.


      Kevin Whalen                                      Brian TenEyck

720.207.8081                                       303.717.4329


Thank you – we look forward to working with each goalie this summer.


Kevin Whalen

Brian TenEyck


Theo and Avs Not Talking Yet

May 29, 2008


More than a month before he becomes a UFA there is plenty of time to get Theo signed. Unless Avs want to make an offer for RFA M-A Fleury, I think Theo comes back since there are not many starting goalies available this summer.

Stanley Cup Game 3 Goalie Recap

May 29, 2008

Pens 3-2 win, Detroit leads series 2-1.

This was the most exciting non-overtime game I have seen in years. Each team carried the play for extended times (“ebbs and flows” as I call them) and both goalies had to make great saves. Crosby furthered his reputation as the face of the NHL with a 2 goal performance as his team was up against the wall. Being on NBC in primetime, the game should boost the NHL in the States.

Below is commentary on both goalies with video. I apologize in advance for commercials when links are selected.


23 shots, 21 saves.

Chris Osgood finally had to face the barrage from the Pens in Game 3 and the Pens broke through. Pittsburgh was buzzing all game long and finally put substantial pressure of Osgood and the Wings defense. For the most part, Osgood was up to the task but two of the three goals. Some of his saves-

Fantastic compusure in complete choas – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT56

Get’s a stinger on this Malkin shot while repeats the same aggressiveness as save at end of Game 1 – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT772

First time Osgood looked overwhelmed (watch after save) in the series – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT783


Get’s help from the iron and then has to reach back to grab it – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT890

NHL.com picture of the day taken during save link above – http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?page=FrozenMoments&service=page – GREAT PICTURE!

Goal Onehttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71316

The Pens finally began to place pressure on the Wings defense and it leads to the their first goal after a poor pass from Wings’ defenseman Stuart. Unfortunately the linked video does not replay the goal a few times like the other links because it would show Crosby’s shot hit Osgood’s glove and bounced between his legs into the net. Osgood is positioned well for but the puck hits his catch glove and drops into the net. This time of the year pucks have to be caught. But, considering it was the first goal allowed by Osgood in the first 137 minutes of the series, we’ll cut him a little slack.

Goal Twohttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71318

Osgood gets caught by a bouncing puck while trying to kill a pk. He originally dropped to the knees to make a save but the puck was blocked andbouncing around the slot. Osgood choose to stay down, which was probably the right call. But, the puck bounced loose and Hossa, who was just above the top of the crease and open, put it on net. Save was made andCrosby (also untouched) was there on the side of the net for the rebound. Because Hossawas in tight, there was no chance for Osgood to control the initial shot nor Crosby’s rebound. This was a case of too many great offensive players around the net on a pp opportunity and inexperienced defenders trying to help the goalie.

Goal Threehttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71323

This goal, the game winner, found Osgood in no-man’s land and he paid for it. The first save attempt (shot hit side of the net) was too aggressive andOsgood slid outside of the net. He should have directed his skate to the post to seal it off. But… he got a break when the puck hit the outside of the net. Next, he continued his aggressive technique in trying to poke check the puck away from Hall but missed. Unfortunately the poke check attempt caused him to lunge behind the goal line anda few feet to the outside of the post. The shooter, Hall, made the only play he could from behind the net and banked it off Osgood’s skates as he desperately tried to get back in the net. Love the aggressive nature of his save attempts (I feel too many goalies are not aggressive enough today) but it cost him on this play.


34 shots, 32 saves.

Game 3 was the first time MA has looked comfortable in the series and was named the 2nd Star of the Game. Maybe it is being back in Mellon arena in front of the Pens fans? Fleury has not lost in Pittsburgh throughout the playoffs and the last six games of the regular season (tv announcers were saying since before Thanksgiving – never mentioning he was out with the high ankle sprain for from early December until the last day of February). Whatever it was, he played a great game by making many of the saves look easy and did a fantastic job controlling rebounds.

Some of the saves-

Fantastic move off the post – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT79

Great toe saves – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT796

Great ability to keep control of the puck (under leg pad) – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT863

Great tacking ability after deflection before shot – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT878

PK save in last moments – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT1032

Like Ozzie, posts are Fleury’s best friend – http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?hlg=20072008,3,413&event=PIT1005

Goal Onehttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71319

Franzen (The Mule) makes an amazing play as he approaches Fleuryby going to his forehand as he enters the top of the crease androofs the puck behind Fleury. Amazing hands from Franzen. Fleury played it well and was positioned correctly for Franzen’s approach. It was just a great goal from the newest Wings star player.

One note, although Fleury was positionally sound, the Pens defenseman Scuderi did a poor job positionally that led to the scoring play. As Franzen approached Scuderi was much too far over towards to boards and got beat to the inside lane. If he played on the “inside” (defenseman’s outside shoulder lined up on forwards inside shoulder) of Franzen, chances are the puck would never had made it to the net.

As a goalie, you should always be talking to your defense (no idea if Fleury was) especially when they are out-of-position. The goalie should be yelling “INSIDE”, for example, which tells the D he is over-committed to the attacking player’s outside shoulder therefore giving-up the inside lane.

Goal Twohttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71332

This was a weak goal that could have been a disaster for the Penguins because it brought the Wings within a goal with six minutes left in the game. Although the announcer guesses it was deflected off Oprik’s stick, it does not matter. The shot should have been saved. Fleury’s depth was correct but a drop to the knees, typical of butterfly goalies, allowed the puck to enter the net over the shoulder. Unacceptable.

Fleury has allowed a weak goal every game of this series and will cost the Pens the series if he allows them to continue. On the same note, it was the second time Fluery has been beat in the series from a long shot from the boards to his left.

But, it looks like they found a way… (https://elitegoaltending.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/well-find-a-way/)

Again, it was a great game featuring a great goalie duel. It appears Pittsburgh has finally woke-up and the series should get even better. The teams have two days of rest before Saturday night’s Game 4. Can’t wait.

“We’ll Find A Way”

May 28, 2008

MA Fleury interview this morning-


Top 10 All Time Stanley Cup Goals – What If They Actually Faced Today’s Goalies?

May 28, 2008


Being Stanley Cup time, TSN compiled the Top 10 Greatest Stanley Cup Goals of All Time. As well as being fun to watch, I thought posting it was warranted because I wanted everyone to watch the goalies, particularly the older footage from the ’70’s and ’80’s.

After watching, does anyone (for a second) think today’s goalies, with the butterfly and/or hybrid goaltending systems, would have allowed a goal on most of these? Not taking anything away from the offensive players, but the goaltending deserves scrutiny.

Goal-by-Goal Look-

#10 – Bob Frose – falls on his butt in an attempt to make the save. Wow. How about a simple movement to become square (term never used in ’85) and drop to the butterfly?

#9 – Mike Vernon – No type of style or system would neccessarily help a goalie in this example. The key is Vernon is too far oustide of his crease. We’ll always tell you to be aggressive when an attacking player is out-maned by defense, but, this was a bit extreme and poor judgement on Vernon’s part.

#8 – Bob Frose (again) – Where to begin on this one… maybe it was pad stack instead of a butterfly slide? Maybe it was his choice to not square up to the puck (again). Could even be the shaky movement from intial position to the pad stack? Basically it was all of the above in Frose’s glorious attempt at stopping the puck. Today, a simple move to become square to the shot and then saving the puck with the glove or chest would have done the job.

#7 – Billy Smith – it hurts me to bag on Smith. He may be my all-time favorite but this is the main reason the “kick save” never made it out of the ’80’s. Great shot, but, a drop into the butterfly or 1/2 butterfly would have sufficed.

#6 – Gerry Cheevers – I remember watching Gerry “Cheesy” Cheevers when I was a young kid but it has been a while. Let’s begin with depth, a concept Cheesy did not seem interested in as Robinson came flying down the rink. He is essentially 18 inches off the goal line on a semi-breakaway. Gerry, your team is looking for a save on this play and needs you at the top of the crease. Also, as Robinson is blowing by your defense, the team needs you to try and put your body between the puck and the net. I know chest and arm protection was minimal in the ’70’s but you needed to take one for the team on this shot. Today with the combination of vastly increased protection in pads along with the current goalie system of playing, the puck would never have found the back of the net.

#5 – Ron Hextall – 10 years ago this year. Hextall decided to simply drop to the ice hoping McCarty would lose the puck and/or skate into him. Considering the attacking player was Darren McCarty, it’s hard to blame Hextall. He, like the rest of the watching public, was probably astonished McCarty actually stickhandled past someone. But… today’s goalie is instructed to move with the attacking player and should have made the save. Although… let’s admit, seeing McCarty blow by anyone is “highlight reel” material.

#4 – Mikka Kiprusoff – the only goal in the Top Ten since the 1997 McCarty goal. Hmmm…. interesting. Sweet stickhandling in the corner from the great Vinny, but, the shot is routine and should have been saved. Kipper should have been better and, I’m sure, wanted this back.

#3 – Ed Belfour. Simply, this is Jagr at his best (and the clip did not even show the entire play from when Jagr originally got the puck). No system would stop a goalie’s jaw from hitting the ice after watching his defense look this foolish by an attacking Jagr. This could be the best individual (Jagr… really??) effort leading to a goal that has ever happened in the game of hockey.

 #2 – Jon Casey – what decent goalie today would play Mario like this??? Let’s go over the mistakes: 1. 5-hole wide open; 2. Showing Mario and the whole world your poke-check intentions while Mario is still 15′ away; 3. Actually trying to poke check the greatest 1-on-1 player of all. Answer, no one. Not just “no one” in the NHL. I mean NO ONE. This is not an argument for adaptation of implementing a goaltending system. This is a case of terrible goalie decision making.

#1 – Glenn Hall – The goal many consider the greatest of all-time regardless of time of year. Hall is standing up and then turns his right pad towards the boards and drops his left knee to make the save Did he just try to catch the puck his is legs?. This, shall we say, with all respect due to one of the best in history, is not how pucks are saved. Today, the goalie would have been in his crouch against the post and simply dropped to his knees (being square) to save the puck.

Ten goals considered the best in Stanley Cup history. I say at least seven would have been saved by any NHL goalie in the last ten years because goalies now use a discplined system implemented either when they were growing up and/or their full-time goalie coach.

And the NHL wants to increase scoring by reducing the size of the goalie pads again….

Yeah, that will work.


Stanley Cup Game 2 Goalie Recap

May 27, 2008

Wings 3-0, take 2-0 lead in Cup Finals.

Below is commentary on both goalies with video. I apologize in advance for commercials when links are selected.


22 shots, 22 saves. Becomes the 4th goalie in NHL history to shutout the opposition in the first two Stanley Cup Finals games. Typical Osgood game, nothing spectacular – just solid, textbook goaltending. Made it look easy, even on saves like this – http://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71213 (made the save but notice he got up on the wrong foot).

Another aspect of his game that I cannot find video on is his play outside the net. With the Detroit defense, the Pens have to dump the puck and chase it. Osgood was tremendous in playing the puck to neutralize the Pens attack and take the pressure off the defense. All goalies need to work on playing the puck outside of the net to help their defense. Primarily a goalie playing the puck on a dump-in does two things-

1. Begins a quick transition to offense.

2. Prevents the puck from staying down low in the goalie’s zone.

3. Prevents wear on the defense from getting constantly hit into the boards by the forecheckers. It is a fact 0 if a goalie prevents his defense from getting hit by playing the puck, the defense will work harder for their goalie.

Interview afterwards as the star of the game –  http://www.versus.com/nhl/?articleID=71222


34 shots, 31 saves. Although on the losing end, much stronger game from beginning (actually hit the ice skating this time instead of taking a big digger in Game 1) to end. Looked more comfortable than Game 1 making several great saves to held the game close for his team. Unlike Game 1, no goals got by Fleury that could be considered weak but it still not good enough when competing for the Stanley Cup.

Goal Onehttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71209

From the first camera angle, this goal, considering where the shot was released from, looked questionable but looking at the replay, there were two bodies screening Fleuryand it appears he never saw it coming until it was too late. Great patience by Stuart, the goal scorer to wait for the screen to develop, particularly with 6’7″ Pens defenseman Hal Gill. No one can see through Gill.

Fleury was out above the crease exactly where he should have been. He just couldn’t track the puck until it was too late.

Goal Two –  http://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71210

This is a goal that makes coaches lay awake at night. Poor defensive play with both defenders below the goal line. Gonchar (off Fleury’sright post) should have stayed in front until his partner came up with the puck and then skated below the goal line to be an outlet pass.

As for Fleury, his mistake is not having his stick between his feet to cover the 5-hole. He brought it over to his glove side thinking the puck was going to his left pad but it bounced between the legs and into the net.

Is getting beat 5-hole as a result of improper stick placement a bad goal? Typically yes but this is a case when the puck was passed from behind the net to a wide-open player (Zetterburg – possibly the best player in the world) in the slot.

With this goal, it looked like the Wings were about to open the game up and begin to blow out the Pens but Fleury held them off the scoresheet with saves like these



to keep the Pens within reach.

Goal Threehttp://www.versus.com/nhl?articleID=71214

 “Highlight reel” goal scored on a great individual effort from Filppula. Fleury played in correctly with his depth and looked to get a good push to move across the crease. But… he did not fully extend is right leg and Filppula tucked inside the post. 

Regardless of what happens in Pittsburgh, I believe this win sealed the Cup for Detroit. Hopefully the Pens can win both games in Pittsburgh but even if they do, it is close to impossible to beat the Wings in 4 of 5 games.

Quotes from Osgood All Young Goalies Should Memorize

May 26, 2008


Click on the link above to watch Osgood’s interview from this morning about his goaltending. All goalies should strive to have his mindset.

“Focus on the proper things…”

Meaning – During games, focus on being prepared before games, making saves and playing to the best of your ability. Don’t worry about things you cannot control such as the fans, referees, poor play of your teammates. Getting upset about any of the above only distracts from your only job, stopping the puck.

During practice, focus on improving all parts of your game. Work on movement, save selection, rebound control and recovery. Don’t worry about what your teammates are, or not, doing that may distract you from your job. You play as you practice. 

“When I’m out there I just enjoy it and have alot of fun…”

Meaning – Hockey is simply a game. No more, no less. Regardless the level of competition or importance of a game, it is to be enjoyed. This past season I had to remind the Thunderbirds U16 AAA goalies  I coached (including at Nationals) they were there to work hard, compete to best of their ability and HAVE FUN. When a goalie is enjoying themselves on the ice, they are more comfortable which typically leads to better play and results.

“Not take anything too seriously including myself…”

Meaning – See above notes on the game being fun. In addition, all players need perspective. There are more important things to life than hockey. Many times I have told players who were stuggling with something within the game “Imagine coming home from being fired at a job and having a family to feed with no prospects of a new job? That’s stress – what you have is a small problem within a game.” 

Hockey prepares young players for the real world. If things are not going your way, work hard to correct it but always keep in mind you are only playing a sport.

In addition, no matter how good you are (or think you are), keep a level head. Don’t think you’re above or too good for anything.

“Nothing out of this comes easy… have fun with it…”

Meaning – In the world of sports, there may not be a more demanding job as goaltender in hockey. Many years ago, the great Jacques Plante said, “how would you like it if at your job, every time you made the slightest mistake a little red light went on over your head and 18,000 people stood up and screamed at you.”

Like the real world, only dedication and working hard (as well as smart) brings success. Nothing comes easy. As well, all goalies should view struggles as opportunities to improve themselves and then enjoy the process knowing they will become better.

About making adjustments – “because I wanted to get better and play as long as I could.”

Meaning – All goalies should be willing to keep an open mind for new tactics and incorporate into their game if it will improve them. Human nature resists change. But, surprisingly, the game of hockey is changing at a rapid pace. For example the butterfly tactic was the most effective save technique until three years ago. Goalies got into position, dropped into butterfly and allowed the puck to hit their body.

But… with the rule changes implemented two years ago, shooters are experiencing less interference so they have more time to shoot. Now shooters are more accurate. Goalies unwilling to become more patient before moving into their save were getting lit up.

Now, those same goalies are learning to be patient or not playing competitively anymore. Always be willing to consider new techniques to improve your game particularly if what you are currently doing is not good enough.

“Muscle memory… I just do things without even thinking about it now”

Meaning – Proper goaltending training is repetition in nature which leads to muscle memory. A movement, technique or tactic needs to be repeated over and over and over in practice/training. Why? So when it matters (i.e. game time), you don’t need to think – just simply react with the proper movement. Hockey is too fast to take the time to think what you have to do. As they say “read and react.” Notice it is not “read, think and then react.”

“I was always prepared and made sure I was so when I got the call I didn’t second guess myself”

Meaning – Osgood is referring to when he was the back-up to Hasek. Instead of sulking and worrying about whether the coach/players liked and/or trusted him, he worked everyday because he knew his chance would come. He knew to be ready because his chance would come and if he played poorly, it would be back to the bench.

Many back-up goalies never become starters because they’re convinced they’re getting a raw deal from the coach and/or team. These feelings leads to confidence problems (death for goalies) and unfocused practices/training because the goalie is focused on himself and not his play and team. Finally when given the chance, they don’t perform up to expectations because of their unfocused mindset.

Being prepared comes back to “focus on the proper things” from earlier in this entry.

I just watch the puck…. I have to stay real focused, stay big and try to stay out of my net… and cover as much net as I can

Meaning – This is the goaltending in a “nutshell” The psychology, the body positioning, depth and angle – all important in stopping the puck!