The Heavyweight 4OT Battle

117 shots, 114 saves.

Maybe the most exciting goaltender dual in years. Marty Turco vs. Evgeni Nabokov. It took 4OT for the game to be decided and it was a shame one of the goalies had to lose. But, in the end, the leadership of the Stars’ Brendan Morrow combined with the incredible play of Turco was too much for the Sharks.

In the end, the Stars won 2-1.

Turco, 61 saves on 62 shots.

Nabby, 53 saves on 55 shots.

Most of the saves in OT were breath-taking particularly Nabby’s save on Richards seen in the viedo linked above (this was the save of the year, what you don’t see is Nabby was on his knees on the opposite corner of the net when Richard received the pass). 

As Glenn Healy, a former NHL goalie, said during the 3rd OT and then after it was over, it was the most exciting goalie duel he’d every seen. 

Thinking back, I tend to agree. 


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