A Must Read for all Parents


This may be the only time ever this blog has an entry not concerning itself with goaltending and should be read by all – goalie parents or not.

As a coach I have always stressed the values hockey instills in each player. Hard work, preparation, dealing with pressure and adversity, discipline and focus are several of the themes I always discuss with the players. Without an understanding of these, hockey teams will fail.

More important than the success and/or failure of a hockey team is the lessons the game teaches each individual player.  Tools for success in the real world are learned and reinforced through the game.

The link above is for an article discussing the effects of youth sports (not specifically hockey) and the benefits relating to the real world. Of course I would argue hockey reinforces all the important life lessons more effectively than any other sports….

In the end, whether a kid becomes great at their sport does not matter. What matters are the lessons participating in youth sports teach our kids.

All kids should participate in something athletic – if anything it pays off later in their life.


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