The Ability to “Move On” Creates More Opportunities

Nabby loses with San Jose in Round Two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and then immediately reports to Team Russia for the World Championships in Quebec/Halifax. A few games later, he leads Russia to a gold medal over heavily-favored Team Canada to win the Hockey World Championship.

After the gold medal win, Nabby said, “That was such a hard-fought loss (2-1 4OT loss in deciding game of series with Dallas) and we could still be playing — maybe with a few bounces here and there. So, yeah, that was tough to swallow; but I’m happy I came here and it helped to move on. But that’s what you need to do. It’s hard, but you put it behind you and this was a good way to do that.”

Great quote for all goalies, particularly the young ones. After a painful experience while playing for a Cup favorite, Nabby moved on because “that’s what you need to do. It’s hard but you put it behind you.”

So, for all goalies out there….

If you are cut from a team, lose a big game, let in a bad goal…. YOU MOVE ON AND PUT IT BEHIND YOU!! Goalies must realize they cannot change the past and but can effect the future.

If you are cut from a team you wanted to play for… move on and battle to make another.

If you lose a big game, move on and work to win the next.

If you let in a bad goal, prepare for the next shot and redeem yourself.

Of course moving on is tough but like the butterfly slide it simply takes work to master. It is the only response for a goalie because If they are stuck worrying about the past, they will never take advantage of the future.

Frankly, many goalies never get the chance to play at the highest level simply because they don’t “move on” after mistakes.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Shortly I will post ideas of how to move on.

Net Lesson

When you fail, “move on” to prepare yourself for the next opportunity. If you don’t, your opportunities will disappear.


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