Rocky Mountain Elite Goaltending Summer Camp Rbk Challenge Trivia – Week One

Each correct answer is awarded one point (unless otherwise noted) towards to final rankings in the Rbk Challenge. Incorrect answers are worth zero points.


Answers must be emailed before goalie begins next Saturday’s session to No answers will be accepted after the goalie’s session has begun. Once answers sent via email, all answers are final.


Question One  

Who is the first goalie to record a shutout in NHL history?

                                            a. Georges Vezina                                  b.George Hainsworth

                                            c.  Cecil “Tiny” Thompson                  d. Jake Forbes 

Question Two 

In November 2005, this goalie faced two penalty shots against the same player in the same game. The shooter was Eric Cole. Who was the goalie?          

                a. Cam Ward                                        b. Tim Thomas

                c. Marty Biron                                     d. Curtis Joseph

Question Three

Who was the last goalie to play without a facemask in a 1974 NHL game?

a. Esposito                                            b. Brown

c. Maniago                                            d. Hall

Question Four

The current trend is for goalie pads to be predominately white. What is the thinking behind this?

Question Five

Which NHL starting goaltenders started his team’s first 43 games in the 2007-08 Season?

           a. Miller                                                   b. Lundqvist

             c. Turco                                                  d. Nabokov

Question Six

Who hold the modern day record for regular season’s lowest goals-against average?

                a. Kiprusoff                                          b. Hasek

                c. Backstrom                                        d. Loungo             

Question Seven

Goalie led the University of Michigan to two National Championships in the 1990’s. Who is he?

Question Eight

In 1963, the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadians conducted a 7-player trade featuring two of the best goalies in the history of the NHL. Who were the goalies (0.5 for each correct name)?

                a. Plante                                                  b. Hodge

                c. Giacomin                                            d. Worsley

Question Nine

What goalie was drafted 4th overall by the New York Islanders and then traded three years later so the Islanders could draft Rick DiPietro as the first goalie ever taken with the #1 pick?

Question Ten

What do all goalies, including the pros, need to work on every time they are on the ice without exception?

                                a. Butterfly Slides                                b. Movement

                                c. Handling Screen Shots                   d. ½ Butterfly Saves


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