Stanley Cup Game 4 Goalie Recap

Wings win 2-1 to take 3-1 lead in the series. Cup most likely raised Monday night in Detroit.

Below is commentary on both goalies with video. I apologize in advance for commercials when links are selected.


23 shots, 22 saves.

Chris Osgood played another outstanding game in the series – a near flawless outing shutting Pittsburgh’s attack down. Big pressure game was answered with confidence and calmness. As typical throughout the series, vast majority of saves looked routine.

A few of the saves-

Three save flurry beginning with Crosby breaking through the defense and two rebounds –

Rebound control could be better but he stops both shots –

A tremendous opportunity for the Pens with Crosby by himself in front of the net but Ozzie made the save with no rebound –

Great save with 5 seconds left to preserve one-goal win –

Goal One

Power play goal against.  Initial shot comes from the point with traffic in front of the net. Osgood makes a good pad save although puck ends up on Marian Hossa’s stick to Osgoods glove side. Hossa fools Osgood in thinking he is taking the puck behind the net but then stuffs it short-side in the goal. This was a great play by Hossa and Osgood can’t be blamed too much for this goal. He was just beginning to move towards the far post when Hossa put it in the net.

I believe Osgood could have done better on the goal by sealing off the post with his skate – the skate actually ends up outside the post so there was a gap between the leg and post. He may have been trying to get his pad close to the puck to eliminate Hossa flipping it over the pad but, after watching several times, I’m not convinced that was Osgood’s intention.


30 shots, 28 saves.

Game Four gave Fleury the least amount of work than the rest of the series, based on shots, and he was very sharp through most of the game. But the game winning goal should have been stopped and now he and the rest of the Pens are down 3-1 going back to Detroit. A few of the saves-

Started the game well saving a blast from the point –,3,414

In the third, he showed us again he may have the fastest feet in the game –,3,414&event=PIT760

Goal One

It appears Fleury saw Lidstrom release the puck but then was screened so he could not track it all the way it. Problem is the puck deflected off Ryan Malone (#12) and it appears Fleury did not see the deflection so could not react to it.

Of course it never helps having your own defense screening you. I’m sure Fleury yelled at Gonchar to get out-of-the-way but it may have been too late.

Something all goalies should consider, use your stick or glove to bump your defense in the back side as you yell you are screened. But, make sure you drop the stick (or get the glove back in position) right back to the ice to cover the five hole. And, make sure to listen for the shot when you can’t see it.

Goal Two

This will be remembered as the goal that clinched the series for the Wings.

After Stuart makes a great play at the blue line to send the puck down low, Fleury appears surprised and does not move over to take the short-side angle away and the backhanded shot finds a way into the net.

This was a back-breaker. A weak goal breaking a tie in the third period. This should have been a save just like the puck should have made it out-of-the-zone.

Again, the series should be over Monday night. Maybe the Pens can do the same as Dallas did in the Conference Finals and win Game 5 in Mowtown but it seems unlikely.


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