Stanley Cup Game 5 Goalie Recap

4-3 Penguins improbable win in 3OT. Shots were 58-32 for Detroit. Series is 3-2 for the Wings with Game 6 in Pittsburg tomorrow night.


Below is commentary on both goalies with video. I apologize in advance for commercials when links are selected.




32 shots, 28 saves.


After playing strong in the first four games, Chris Osgood stumbled a bit in Game 5. Actually, he played pretty well but in the playoffs a goalie needs to outplay the other guy at the other end of the ice.  That did not happen and it cost the Wings.


First period was a bit rough for the Wings goalie facing seven shots and only stopping five. Osgood rebounded in the 2nd and 3rd until the Pens scored with 35 seconds left. In OT periods, the Pens had several great chances and finally scored on a PP in the 3rd OT to secure the win.


A few of the saves from the game-


Gets a piece of the puck with heavy traffic in front –

Great tracking and rebound control on Malkin in the first OT –

Second OT save with rebound placement in the corner –


Goal 1,3,415&event=DET359

Osgood played this situation by being low and square to the puck after it is passed to Hossa. Unfortunately a Wings defenseman became a screen and sight of the puck was lost by Osgood so he dropped down in attempt to get a look. Hossa moved the puck from backhand to forehand and by the time Osgood saw this, it was too late. Hossa shot for the far post and beat Osgood.  


Goal 2,3,415&event=DET87

This is a bad luck goal due to Wings defenseman Kronwall shooting the puck towards the corner to get it out of harms way. But (and a very big but…) the puck hit Adam Hall’s skate and deflected into the net before Osgood knew what happened. Although there was no chance for Osgood to make the save off Hall’s skate, he could have done a better job playing the puck coming out-of-the-corner with Hall. The puck cannot get through the crease in this situation. Goalie must control that puck.


Of course, the scoring opportunity may never had happened if Franzen (#93) played Hall’s defensive side to prevent the rush to the net. Also, Filppula (#51) did not turn away and head back up ice as Hall broke free from Franzen in the corner.


Goal 3

This goal, with 35 seconds left in the 3rd period, was a case of leaving the post too quickly. Appears Osgood thought the pass from the boards was heading to Malkin and left the post to get to the middle of the net. The goalie may not have noticed Talbot behind the net that intercepted the pass and put on net and then got the rebound.


Goal 4

Power Play goal in the 3rd overtime wins the game. Pass from behind the net to an open Sykora who beats Osgood under the crossbar. Osgood got off the post to the top of the crease for the shot but got beat by a great shot.


In the end, Osgood played a decent game but it was not good enough. Maybe game 6?





58 shots, 55 saves.


Very hard to argue this was not Fleury’s finest game in his NHL career. He was simply awesome making several big-time saves both in regulation time and, more importantly, overtimes. For the Pens to extend the series Fleury had to outplay Osgood and he did with a huge exclamation point.


Here are a few of his better saves.


Full extension across his crease on a 2-1 in the 2nd period that he saves with his toe. Big time save!! –,3,415&event=DET393


May have been headed wide, but the glove save sure looks great –,3,415&event=DET614


Huge save with screen to bail out poor defensive play by Gill –,3,415&event=DET625


Two shots against ending with strong movement allowing body to be square to the shot and easily cradle into body to prevent third chance –,3,415&event=DET822


Trouble controlling shot from Zetterberg leads to luck break leads to laying body across net to smoother rebound. The move from Zetterberg cost the Wing a penalty against – although he knocked into Fleury, this was a brutal call.,3,415&event=DET848


Fantastic glove save in 2nd OT especially since Draper was right on his doorstep to the glove side. Only superior concentration allowed for this save –,3,415&event=DET402


Goal 1,3,415&event=DET359

Jordan Staal (#11) is a bit lazy at the blue line and does not get the puck. Helm controls it and may have attempt pass to Hudler crashing the far post. Puck hits Pens defenseman Skuderi and is redirected through Fleury’s pads as he moves over to face Hudler. Bad luck goal that happens to all goalies. Still, better stick placement in front of pads makes a save.


Goal 2,3,415&event=DET620

Power play goal in the 3rd to tie the game at 2. Set PP play with redirect in the slot puts puck past Fleury. Great goal by a very good PP unit.


Goal 3,3,415&event=DET629

Little over two minutes after the Wings second goal they score again on a give-a-way by the Pens defense. Pass from the corner to a streaking Rafalski who shoots as traffic is skating by Fleury. Shot to Rafalski’s far side goes right past Fleury as he is moving over to face shooter. Nothing the goalie could do on this play.


Game Six is Wednesday night. Can Fleury build on his Game 5 performance and further his reputation as a “big-time” goalie or will Osgood shut the door on the series?



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