Rbk Challenge Standings – Week 2

The Top 5 for each age group listed below. The complete standings will be emailed to everyone.

Group A (’00-96)

1. Carlson (35 Points)

2. Jahde and Verity (33 Points) {tie}

3. Cavanaugh (32 Points)

4. Martin, Munn, Nash, and Whalen (31 Points) {tie}

5. DiNapoli (30 Points)

Group B (’95-92)

1. Dohne and Meadows (33 Points) {tie}

2. Finley (31 Points)

3. Bader (30.5 Points)

4. Childress, Collins, Eaton, Jacobs, LaBonde (30 Points) {tie}

5. Sungelo (29 Points)

As you can see, overall point leader is Kris Carlson from Group A. Way to go Kris!! Keep up the good, hard work.

Explaination of the Rbk Challenge from Week 2 will be included in the Week 2 Recap posted Sunday.



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