Goalie Camp – Week Two Recap

Building on what was covered in the first session, Week Two was dedicated to goalie specific movement and then we moved to the Seven Point System of angles. A few things the goalies must remember-

  1. When moving through the crease, make sure you move through the center. For example, when skating off the post to the top of the crease or from one side of the crease to the other, skate through the center of the crease so your body eliminates the shooter’s angle more quickly
  2. The Seven Point System of Angles is the most efficient angle system. Summary of the points: Point One (left post), Point Two (left defensive face-off dot), Point Three (left neutral zone face-off dot closest to defensive blue line), Point Four (lines up with center line dot and is at the exact top of the crease arc), Point Five (right neutral zone face-off dot closest to defensive blue line), Point Six (right defensive face-off dot) and Point Seven (right post).
  3. When moving along the Seven Point System, arched suffles are used for the smaller movements, such as from Point 3 to 4. A strong t-push is used when having to move from long distances through the crease, such as Point 2 to Point 6.
  4. Shuffles are better used when moving from Point 1 to Point 7 (post to post) for the older kids because it keeps their toes up-ice which allows for maximum net coverage in event of a pass in-front for a shot. Goalies having to shuffle more than two times to get post-to-post should use t-push until their legs are strong enough to use 2 or less shuffles.

Generally we have been very pleased with the work effort of all the goalies although there have been instances where goalies have been disrespectful towards the jr instructors. Without making this a big deal, please note if this happens again, the goalie(s) will be sent off the ice immediately for the rest of the day. All of the instructors, on- and off-ice, are dedicated to helping each goalie become better and disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated. There will be no second chances – just a simple instruction to leave the ice.

For the Rbk Challenge, updated Top 5 rankings were posted on the blog Saturday evening with overall rankings emailed in an excel spreadsheet. The trivia answers from the first set of questions were also posted as was the second set of questions.

Every point in the Rbk Challenge must be earned with hard work. To become successful on- and off the ice, you must learn to compete through dedicating yourself to working hard and smart. It is the only way you will win in hockey and life. We created the Challenge so young goalies learn these important messages. Take advantage of the opportunity and you may earn a new Rbk gear.

Again, in case you missed the post earlier today, we are happy to assist you in selling any of your old gear. Please visit for details – https://elitegoaltending.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=232

Now that movement and angles have been covered, we are headed to shot preparation and upper body saves for next session. Yes, goalies will have to start making saves….

Enjoy the week and we’ll see you on the ice.

Coach W


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