The Big Goaltender Issue

Article from – no idea they actually covered hockey – about the group meeting to consider goalie gear changes in Toronto this week. As with most all products, goalie pads have gotten better over time. Unfortunately several goalies took their “protection” to the extremes (i.e Garth Snow) but I still insist today’s lack of scoring is not related to the size of the gear (see –

Eliot, who had a brief stint in the NHL, refers to pictures of Lehtonen and Dryden, both 6’4″, included in this post. I find it, like the whole subject of goalie gear and scoring rates in the today’s NHL, deceiving.

Lehtonen is in 1/2 butterfly position while Dryden looks to have either just made a kick save or used the blocker to deflect the puck. The 1/2 butterfly is a very compact position compared to Dryden’s position so of course Lehtonen looks larger. It’s not the gear – it’s the style of play. 

In addition, Lehtonen’s picture was taken at the glass while Dryden’s seems to have been taken back further. Lehtonen is up-close leading to an image of being larger.

Put Dryden in a 1/2 butterfly and/or take the picture from the same spot and there would be no difference.

Eliot should know better…


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