Rbk Challenge Trivia – June 15th – 21st

Each correct answer is awarded one point (unless otherwise noted) towards to final rankings in the Rbk Challenge. Incorrect answers are worth zero points.

Answers must be emailed before goalie takes the ice for the next session to elitegoaltending@yahoo.com. No answers will be accepted after the goalie’s session has begun. Once answers turned in (at camp or via email), all answers are final.


Question One

Since the early ‘90’s, Quebec has been known as the “goalie factory” due to the numerous NHL goalies who grew-up in the province. In the last few years, another area of the globe has become the new “goalie factory.” Where is it?

                        a. Western Canada                                             b. United States

                        c. Finland                                                              d. Russia


Question Two

Who was the goalie who faced 101 shots earlier this spring in an AHL playoff game?

                        a. Michael Leighton                                            b. Tukka Rask

                        c. Jean-Sebastian Aubin                                     d. Pekka Rine


Question Three

True or False – When a goalie is establishing their initial depth on the puck carrier, they should only concern themselves with the location of the puck?


Question Four

The starting position for a goalie when the opposing team gains the center line is:

                        a. Goal Line                                                          b. Inside the Blue of the Crease

                        c. Along with Top of the Crease                       d. Outside the Crease


Question Five

Goalies need to “keep their heads on a swivel” when the puck is in their zone to monitor where all opposing players are located or headed to. What are the two best times to look to find the opposing players? (each answer worth 0.5 points)

a.       When puck is directly behind the net

b.       When puck is along the boards

c.        When the puck is below the goalie line in, or close to, the corners

d.       When the puck is in the slot.


Question Six

What Toronto Maple Leaf goalie was known as “The Popcorn Kid?”


Question Seven

Who is the only goalie to win five Stanley Cups in a row?

                        a. Ken Dryden                                                      b. Bill Smith

                        c. Turk Broda                                                       d. Jacques Plante


Question Eight



When a goalie is moving from one side of the crease to the other to face a shot, why does it make sense to move “underneath” (the path closest to the goal line in the above diagram)?

a.       It would be faster to get from one side of the crease to the other

b.       The goalie enters the shooting angle more quickly

c.        It reduces depth towards the puck so the goalie can attempt to trick the shooter into thinking there is more net than in reality.

d.       This is a trick question, it does not make sense.   


Question Nine

Which goalie was never drafted by an NHL team yet went on to have an outstanding NHL career.

a.       Ed Belfour

b.       Bill Durnan

c.        Curtis Joseph

d.       All of the Above

Question Ten

What does a shooter typically do before releasing the shot?

a.       Lift his off-leg

b.       Look at the net and then the puck

c.        Move the puck to the side of his body

d.       All of the above.


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