How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson From the NHL for Younger Goalies

Last summer Nashville traded Tomas Vokun to the Florida Panthers because they thought Chris Mason was their man for their net. Well… apparently not.

Mason’s stats were not great ( but considering the state of the Predators (ownership problems, massive player movement including many kep componets to their great ’06-’07 season), it is easy to see there would be some problems.

Along comes rookie Dan Ellis…

During his first year Ellis posts the best save percentage in the regular season NHL ( and performs great in the Predators first round loss to eventual Stanley Cup winner Red Wings.

This morning Nashville decided to ship Mason to St. Louis and sign Ellis to a 2-year contract for $3.5 million.

How Mason’s world has changed in the past year…

Net Lesson

Goalies must never get too full of themselves and always keep in mind their position within the team is just a few bad games away from changing. One day a goalie is anointed the team’s starter and next traded or benched for the new guy.

How to avoid this? A few things

  1. Understand hard work is the only road to success. Talent only takes a goalie so far…
  2. Never take anything for granted – the starting goaltender position is earned through hard work and ability to win games
  3. Work to improve every day – as I have stated many times, someone is always working to earn what you have or want.

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