A “Crater” is Filled With Character


St. Louis filled the need for a quality back-up, or starter, with their acquisition of Chris Mason yesterday.

Mason, whom is unknown by many NHL fans because of being in Nashville, is a huge goalie who should do very well in St. Louis. In reading the article, both John Davidson (Blues President) and Head Coach Andy Murray mention Mason’s “character.” 

The best line from the article is a quote from Murray-

“He’s one of those great stories of a guy who was told he couldn’t play at several points on his road to the NHL and he has busted his butt to find a way to win at this level.”

Would someone say that about you?

Net Lesson

What is character? There are many different components but in hockey the most important, in no particular order, are-

  • work ethic – first one on and last off the ice on consistent basis
  • loyalty – team first mentality. Your teammate is your brother and you work for his success. When he succeeds, so should you.
  • unselfishness– player sacrifices for good of the team. Perfect example for goaltending, starter becomes back-up. Instead of becoming a distraction and a negative influence in the locker room, they work hard to get the starter roll back and keep their mouth shut in the process. Think Chris Osgood of the Red Wings.
  • competitiveness-battle through all adversity and dedicating self to success. No games (or shifts)off.
  • honesty – without honesty, there can be no trust within the team. No trust, no success.
  • responsibility – each player is accountable for their role within the team.
  • self-control/discipline – keep control of emotions when adversity rears ugly head so thinking is clear. If there is no clear thinking, no solutions can be created so success is limited.
  • perseverance – willingness to keep trying after failure. Pick yourself up and get back in the game.
  • respect for authority -with veterans and coaching staff.
  • being reliable – teammates and coaching staff know the player can be counted on when something is needed.

Working on your game and, more importantly, your character will only bring success, both on and off the ice.


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