Rbk Trivia Challenge: June 22-28

Each correct answer is awarded one point (unless otherwise noted) towards to final rankings in the Rbk Challenge. Incorrect answers are worth zero points.

Answers must be emailed before goalie takes the ice for the next session to elitegoaltending@yahoo.com. No answers will be accepted after the goalie’s session has begun. Once answers turned in (at camp or via email), all answers are final.


Question One

In the history of the NHL, two goalies have posted three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Finals.  They are:

         a. Martin Brodeur                    b. Frank McCool

         c. Glenn Hall                           d. Patrick Roy

Question Two

         True or False – When making a save with the chest, the goalie should roll his shoulders forward slightly while sucking in his stomach?


Question Three

         Coach Whalen explained several components of character essential to hockey. Which of the following was not listed in the blog post?

         a. Work Ethic                           b. Self Control/Responsibility

         c. Perseverance                       d. None. All of the above were listed.


Question Four

Who was the NHL goaltender who had the most career playoff victories before Patrick Roy became #1.

            a. Billy Smith                          

            b. Bernie Parent                                              

            c. Terry Shawchuk 

            d. Grant Fuhr  


Question Five

         When the goalie is in his butterfly position and the puck is close to his body, he should?

             a.       Bring the arms down to above his leg pads.

             b.      Raise the arms slightly higher than normal to take away top corners of the ne

             c.       Get back to his feet

             d.      Yell at the defense to do their job and get the puck out of the zone!!


Question Six

            In the blog entry “How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson From the NHL for Younger Goalies” there are three things listed every goalie must do once they become the starter. Which of the following was not listed?

         a.       Understand the other goalie will be working very hard to become the starter himself

         b.      Playing time cannot be taken for granted

         c.       Hard work is the only road to success

         d.      All of the above were listed


Question Seven

            True or False. Goalies should sharpen their skates every once-in-a-while since they don’t have to skate all over the rink like the forwards and defense?


Question Eight

            True or False. The goalie should keep his eyes on the puck from release of shot all the way into the part of the body making the save?


Question Nine

                Which NHL goalie (1960’s-1970’s) painted stitch marks everywhere on his mask where he was hit by a puck?

            a. Gary Simmons                     b. Cesare Maniago

            c. Gerry Cheevers                   d. Eddie Johnson


Question Ten

                Which NHL goalie did not wear Rbk gear in the 2007-08 season?

             a. Ryan Miller                          b. Mikka Kiprusoff

             c. Tomas Vokun                      d. Marty Turco


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