Rbk Trivia Challenge Answers – June 22-28

Question One

In the history of the NHL, two goalies have posted three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Finals.  They are:

         a. Martin Brodeur                    b. Frank McCool

         c. Glenn Hall                           d. Patrick Roy



         A Martin Brodeur and B. Frank McCool

         Brodeur shut out the Anahiem Mighty Ducks in 2003 Stanley Cup Finals three times (Games 1, 2 and 7 – all by 3-0 scores). Frank McCool recorded three shutouts in the 1945 Finals versus the Red Wings. It was McCool’s only trip to the NHL playoffs.


Question Two

         True or False – When making a save with the chest, the goalie should roll his shoulders forward slightly while sucking in his stomach?




         As instructed on the ice, in order to better control the puck off the chest, goalies should roll their shoulders while sucking their gut in to create “pillow effect” between their chest protector and chest. This will allow, in most cases, the puck to simply fall straight down to the stomach area where the catch glove should be waiting.


Question Three

         Coach Whalen explained several components of character essential to hockey. Which of the following was not listed in the blog post?

         a. Work Ethic                           b. Self Control/Responsibility

         c. Perseverance                       d. None. All of the above were listed.



         D. None. All of the above were listed.

         Work ethic, self/control/responsibility, and perseverance were some of the  important character traits listed in the blog entry “A Crater is Filled with Character” https://elitegoaltending.wordpress.com/2008/06/21/the-crater-is-filled-with-character


Question Four

Who was the NHL goaltender who had the most career playoff victories before Patrick Roy became #1.

            a. Billy Smith                          

            b. Bernie Parent                                              

            c. Terry Shawchuk 

            d. Grant Fuhr  



A.     Billy Smith

When Patrick Roy became the all-time winner in NHL play-off history, he surpassed Billy Smith (88 wins) in the spring of 1997.

Note – most goalies missed this question by selecting Grant Fuhr who has 92 career playoff wins, third all-time. Grant Fuhr did not surpass Smith until his last playoff in 1999 when he won 6 games while with St. Louis.


Question Five

         When the goalie is in his butterfly position and the puck is close to his body, he should?

             a.       Bring the arms down to above his leg pads.

             b.      Raise the arms slightly higher than normal to take away top corners of the ne

             c.       Get back to his feet

             d.      Yell at the defense to do their job and get the puck out of the zone!!



         A. Bring the arms down to above his leg pads.

    When the puck is close to the goalie’s body while in a butterfly position, a “wall” must be made by the goalie. So, arms must be brought down to above the pads to prevent any holes in coverage.


Question Six

         In the blog entry “How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson From the NHL for Younger Goalies” there are three things listed every goalie must do once they become the starter. Which of the following was not listed?

         a.       Understand the other goalie will be working very hard to become the starter himself

         b.      Playing time cannot be taken for granted

         c.       Hard work is the only road to success

d.           All of the above were listed



      D. All of the above were listed.

Once a goalie is named a starter, they better get a grip on the following-

·         Back-up goalie is there to take his job

·         Playing time is earned so nothing can be taken for granted

·         Hard work is essential to team and personal success.


Anytime a goalie forgets these, his position within the team will begin to slip.


Question Seven

         True or False. Goalies should sharpen their skates every once-in-a-while since they don’t have to skate all over the rink like the forwards and defense?




         Goalies need to sharpen their skates routinely – for frequency please visit https://elitegoaltending.wordpress.com/2008/06/23/goalie-camp-week-four-recap/


Question Eight

         True or False. The goalie should keep his eyes on the puck from release of shot all the way into the part of the body making the save?




         Goalies must keep eyes on puck from release until save is made for a few reasons, most importantly it helps the mind make the correct save movement decision and, if puck is not controlled, he does not need to search for loose puck.


Question Nine

Which NHL goalie (1960’s-1970’s) painted stitch marks everywhere on his mask where he was hit by a puck?

                                    a. Gary Simmons                     b. Cesare Maniago

                                    c. Gerry Cheevers                   d. Eddie Johnson



C.     Gerry Cheevers 

Cheevers was a real piece of work. Below is Cheevers explaining how the practice of painting stitch marks began (note to young goalies, ignore his “daily practice!!!”)


“Well, when the mask first became a reality in the game of hockey, the first ones were all plain white and I hated wearing anything white. It was to me a sign of purity and I wasn’t in a pure business as far as I was concerned, playing goal and hacking away and all that stuff. And I also had a daily practice of trying to get out of practices. Going to practice, all I could think about was getting out of it. And one day this puck flipped up and hit me in this new white mask I had. It wouldn’t have cut me if I didn’t have the mask on but I acted like I was seriously hurt, went to the dressing room, and Harry Sinden, who was coaching, came in and told me to get the heck out of there. And so I was about to go out onto the ice and our trainer, John Forestall, said to wait a minute and he went and painted a big 12-stitch cut on my mask and I got a chuckle out of that and we went from there. A very, very simple thing happened there but maybe, just maybe I was the pioneer in the art of decorations of masks. That’s what I’d like to think about it.”


Question Ten

                Which NHL goalie did not wear Rbk gear in the 2007-08 season?

                                    a. Ryan Miller                          b. Mikka Kiprusoff

                                    c. Tomas Vokun                      d. Marty Turco



B.     Mikka Kiprusoff

Just about every goalie in the NHL is either wearing Rbk or Vaughn pads. Of the four listed, Kipper is the only non-Rbk and he is now the NHL spokesman for Vaughn.


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