Exiled to Russia – Attitude Costs Goalie NHL Job


Over the past two months the Ray Emery debacle in Ottawa has been documented on this blog (see – https://elitegoaltending.wordpress.com/2008/06/01/ray-emery-the-path-he-took-towards-career-destruction-and-lessons-from-his-journey/). From being late to practices to fightening with teammates (see picture below of fight against teammate Brian McGratton from last season during practice) to terrible locker room attitude, Emery is a big reasons as to why the Cup Finalist from a season ago lost in the first round this past spring. His selfish attitude lead to his team releasing him after the season and he hoped another team would sign him (many rumors of either Los Angles or Tampa Bay would pursuit him).

Well… because of a bad attitude, no team in the NHL took a chance on him so he is headed to the new Russian league in hopes of rebuilding his career and get another shot at the NHL.

Emery is 25 years old and had a promising career in front of him. According to his agent, Emery has “made changes to his life” that may put him on the road back to the NHL after this coming season in Russia. Hopefully he has…

Net Lesson

Hockey is a team sport. To anyone who thinks they are above the rest of the team and/or owed something, you are a distraction and eventually the team gets tired of you regardless of your ability. If it happened to Emery, it will happen to you.


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