The Rbk Challenge – Week Six Standings

The Top 5 for each age group listed below. The complete standings will be emailed to everyone.

Group A (’00-96)

1. Cavanaugh and Martin (112 Points) {tie}

2. Jahde (108 Points)

3. Fessenden (105.5 Points)

4. Munn (105 Points)

5. DiNapoli and Verity (104 Points)

Group B (’95-92)

1. Dohne (107 Points)

2. Abruzzo (106 Points)

3. Eaton and Jacobs (104 Points) {tie}

4. Collins (100 Points)

5. Bader and Finley (Points) {99.5 tie}

Between the trivia and on-ice drill results there were some major moves in the standings.

In Group One, Drew Martin jumps into a tie for first with a fantastic week while Cam DiNapoli returns to the Top Five Standings with a strong performances.

In Group Two, Mac Abruzzo, last year’s Rbk Challenge winner, closes in on 1st place jumping to #2 (from #4) while both Brandon Eaton and Alex Jacobs made strong moves to the top as well.

As well, Group Two had three goalies who will compete on the on-ice drill at the beginning of next week’s session – we ran out-of-time. Those scores could change things within  the standings as well.

While some improved their standings, a few dropped and they will need to get back on track if they have any hope to finish in the Top Three. There are only four sessions left. Plenty of time but it will be over before you know it.

Next week’s trivia will be posted in the next 24 hours as will the weekly recap.


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