Rbk Trivia Challenge Answers – June 29th – July 12th

Question One

Which goalie played for Team USA in two World Junior Championships, three Olympics and World Championships and won the MVP of the 1996 World Cup of Hockey?


Answer – Mike Richter

Richter, born in Abington Pennsylvania,  played for Team USA at the World Juniors in 1985 and ’86, the Olympics in ’88, ’98 and ’02, World Championships in ’87 and ’93 and was the MVP of the World Cup of Hockey when Team USA beat Team Canada in 1996. Clearly, Richter is the most decorated goalie in the history of USA Hockey in international play.


Question Two

Who was an NCAA all-American twice while playing for the University of Vermont, drafted in the 1994 NHL’s 9th round, and now is the starting goalie for the Boston Bruins?


Answer – Tim Thomas

Thomas, born in Flint Michigan, Abington Pennsylvania, had a great career at the University of Vermont as the starting goalie all four years. After his freshman year, he was drafted by Quebec a year before the franchise moved to Denver. Although signed as a free agent by Edmonton in ’98 he never cracked an NHL line-up until Boston gave him a shot in ’02-03. Since then, Thomas has been the main man in net for the Bruins even though the franchise has seemed to doubt his ability by trading for other goalies (Fernandez and Auld).


Question Three

Who was the first American-born goalie to be selected #1 in the NHL draft?


Answer – Rick DiPietro

“DP”, born in Lewiston Maine, was selected with the first pick in the 2000 NHL draft. It was the first time any goalie was selected first.


Question Four

Who is the American-born goalie who won the Calder and Vezina trophies in the same year?


Answer – Frank “Mr. Zero” Brimsek

Brimsek, born in Eveleth Minnesota, signed as a free agent with the Boston Bruins on October 27th 1938 and won both the Calder and Vezina Trophies the next spring.


This question was missed by most goalies – most of you listed Tom Barrassso who was the only other American to win both trophies in the same season.


Question Five

A goalie began his NHL career with the Boston Bruins and lost his first game 2-0 but then had shutouts in the next three games. After the streak ended he had shutouts in the next three games giving him six shutouts in his first eight NHL games. Who is this American-born goalie?


Answer – Frank “Mr. Zero” Brimsek

Brimsek lost his first game 2-0 against Montreal and answered with three straight shutouts (231 minutes of playing time). In this fifth NHL game, he was scored on but then responded with three more straight shutouts (220 minutes of playing time).


Question Six

Who were the two goalies for the 1980 Olympic gold medal team? (0.5 points for each correct answer)


Answer – Jim Craig (North Easton Massachussetts) and Steve Janaszak (St. Paul Minnesota).

Craig played all minutes for the gold medal team.


A few of you missed this… that was unexpected.


Question Seven

This goalie played for the Michigan State University Spartans and compiled a 73-18-12 record before debuting in the NHL during the 2002-03. This past season this American-born goalie was one of the games played leaders in the NHL. Who is he?


Answer – Ryan Miller

Miller (East Lansing Michigan) stayed near home to play for the Spartans and is considered one of the best goalies to ever play at MSU. While playing in net for Buffalo this past season he appeared in 76 games (tied for third most by goaltenders).


Question Eight

In the early 1990’s which NHL team used a tandem of two U.S.-born goalies?


Answer – New York Rangers and Boston Bruins

For the full point only one of the teams needed to be listed.


The New York Rangers used to American-born goalies in the 1990-91 and ’91-92 season (Mike Richter and John Vanbeisbrouck – Detroit Michigan) while the Boston Bruins, for a while, used Jon Casey (Grand Rapids Minnesota) and John Blue (Huntington Beach California) in 1993-94.


Question Nine

These two U.S.-born goalies first played together at the University of Maine and then both suited up for the same U.S. Olympic team. Who are they? (0.5 points for each correct answer)


Answer – Garth Snow and Mike Dunham

Both Snow (Wrenthan Massachusetts) and Mike Dunham (Johnson City New York) entered U of Maine as freshman in the 1990-91 season together where they split the netminding duties. From there, before both turned professional they were selected to the 1994 U.S. Olympic team.


Question Ten

Who is the current American-born NHL starting goalie who set the NCAA record for most saves in one PLAYOFF game when he played his last for Boston University?


Answer – Rick DiPietro

Many of you missed this question….


“DP” made 77 saves on March 26th 2000 against St. Lawrence University to set the record for most goaltender saves in the NCAA PLAYOFFS (OR POST SEASON).


Many of you listed Dick Greenlaw who made 78 saves but this is incorrect if you look at what the question was. First, Greenlaw was playing in the regular season (question listed PLAYOFF GAME) and second Greenlaw is not a “current American-born NHL starting goalie.”



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