Rbk Trivia Challenge Answers: July 13 – 19

Question One

This 1980 draft pick was called-up from the American Hockey League just in time for the playoffs. Having no NHL experience he led the Canadiens past both Boston and Quebec and then helped the team take a 2-0 series lead on the New York Islanders. The Montreal press began comparing him to the last great Ken Dryden. Unfortunately the Islanders were too much for this goalie and the Montreal team and won the next four to end the Canadiens season. Two seasons later this goalie lost the starting position. Who is he and who did he lose his starting position to? (0.5 points for each correct answer).


Answers – Steve Penny and Patrick Roy


Question Two

This goalie only played seven NHL seasons (all with Montreal) but won the Vezina trophy six times and the Stanley Cup twice. He is the only ambidextrous goalie in the history of the NHL. Who is he?


Answer – Bill Durnan 


Question Three

This goalie led the Canadiens to six Stanley Cups and revolutionized goaltending on November 1, 1959. Who is he? How did he change the game of hockey on that particular night? (0.5 for each correct answer)



Jacques Plante and he was the first goaltender to wear a mask in an NHL game which forever changed goaltending and the game of hockey. As a result of the mask, goalies were not as fearful playing the position and were more willing to drop to the ice to make saves.


Question Four

This goalie won four Stanley Cups and 2 Vezina trophies (one shared as part of a tandem) while guarding the net as a 5’6” 150 lbs goalie. He had to leave Montreal when the California Seals picked him up in the Expansion Draft. Who is he?


Answer – Charlie Hodge


Question Five

This Montreal-great played his last game in November 1925 during the Canadiens home opener when he left the ice after the first period with a 105 degree temperature and bleeding from the mouth. He collapsed in the locker room between periods but regained enough energy to take the ice for the second. Short time later he collapsed to the ice and had to leave the game for good. He was forced to retire when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and died four months later. Who was he?

Answer – Georges Vezina.


Question Six

How many goalies played for both the Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche franchises?


Answer – 5

David Aebischer, Stephane Fiset, Patrick Roy, Jose Theodore, Jocelyn Thibault


Question Seven

What is the total number of Venzina trophies won by goalies wearing the Bleu-Blanc-et-Rouge of the Montreal Canadiens?


Answer – 28


Question Eight

When planting the skate that will drive the power slide, it must be positioned where in relation to opposite knee (knee on the ice)?

a.       Below

b.      Parallel

c.       Above

d.      Does not matter



C. Above

When planting the driving foot for a power slide, the toe of the skate must be above, or in-front, the opposite leg’s knee (know as the “lead leg”). This allows the goalie to be square to the puck as well as assist with getting into the new angle more quickly.


Question Nine

Knee shuffles should be used in which of the following scenarios?

  1. Goalie is against left post on knees and puck has moved towards center of net and within the crease-area.
  2. Goalie makes save in butterfly position but the puck squirts out behind him and is lying just above the goal line.
  3. While facing a breakaway.
  4. Attacking player with puck is attempting a wraparound on the far post.


Goalie is against left post on knees and puck has moved towards center of net and within the goal crease.

Knee shuffles are used when goalies need to move a short distance while the puck is in tight. Option A is the only scenario with those two criteria.

Question Ten

The first thing a goalie needs to do before initiating a power slide is?



Look where you need to move and/or find the puck.


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