The Rbk Challenge – Week 7 Standings

The Top 5 for each age group listed below. The complete standings will be emailed to everyone.

Group A (’00-96)

1. Cavanaugh (134.00 Points)

2. Jahde (130.00 Points)

3. Munn (127.00 Points)

4. Fessenden (125.50 Points)

5. Martin (124.50 Points)

Group B (’95-92)

1. Abruzzo (124.00 Points)

2. Eaton and Jacobs (123.00 Points) {tie}

3. Finley (121.50 Points)

4. Bader (120.50 Points)

5. Collins (119.00 Points)

Week 7 sees little change in Group One but a major shake-up has occurred in Group B!! While Cavanaugh still leads the younger group, Mac Abruzzo has overtaken the top spot in the second group. A combination of Abruzzo’s effort and previous leader Dohne missing Week Seven’s on-ice session has lead to last year’s winner to take over the #1 spot.

Will there be further shake-ups next week? It’s getting late in the camp and there are only sixty-six total points possible for each goalie to earn. Attendance is a must. On-ice points are a must and trivia can not be over-looked.

Every point matters.


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