A Quick Word on AAA Tryouts

Since late last week I have been assisting the Colorado Thunderbirds U18 AAA tryouts and I will post a few articles on tryouts shortly to help everyone going through the process.

In the meantime, some advice-

To play at the AAA-level it requires a large commitment and no sense of entitlement. You cannot kinda work hard and hope to make it. The available slots are very few and all serious candidates (goalies or skaters) work year round to give themselves a shot.

Personally I think players need to take time off, but, in today’s culture many do not. Someone is always working on their game.

As well…

If you play Pee Wee AAA, there is no guarantee you will play Bantam AAA. None.

If you play Bantam AAA, no guarantee for Midget Minor AAA, or U16 AAA. None.


If you play Midget Minor AAA, there is not guarantee of a spot in Midget Major AAA, or U18  None. Yes, some of my players from last year found this out in the last few days.

The level of play is up-to-you. If you aim for AAA, it will be wise to remember the following quotes:

 “What are you doing right now to better yourself?” and;

“Right now, someone wants what you do and is working harder to get it” (this was my dad’s favorite).


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