Rbk Trivia Challenge Answers – July 20 – July 26

Question One

In “A ‘Crater’ is Filled with Character” several components of personal character important to successful hockey players were included. List five.



Any of the following listed are character traits needed for success in hockey: Work Ethic, Loyalty, Unselfishness, Competitiveness, Honesty, Responsibility, Self-Control/Discipline, Perseverance, Respect for Authority, Being Reliable.


Question Two

During the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup run, the blog featured a TV interview with Chris Osgood and several quotes were listed with explanations (“Quotes from Osgood All Young Goalies Should Memorize”). Osgood said he has focused “on the proper things.” List two things goalies should focus on as well as two things they should not (0.5 for each correct answer – each answer must include two examples).



Osgood stated goalies should focus on “being prepared before games, making saves and playing to the best of your ability” and during practice “on improving all parts of your game. Work on movement, save selection, rebound control and recovery.” Things to not focus on are “things you cannot control such as the fans, referees, poor play of your teammates” and in practice “don’t worry about what your teammates are, or not, doing that may distract you from your job.”


Question Three

In the post “What is Price Doing Wrong in this Picture” goalies should never do what when scored upon? What must a goalie physically do after a goal is scored? (0.5 for each correct answer)



Goalies should never pull the puck out of the net after a goal is scored against. Physically, they must get out-of-the-crease (maybe skate towards to boards) to assist in mentally preparing for the next shot against.


Question Four

Fill in the following from the blog post “Ray Emery – The Path He Took Towards Career Destruction and Lessons From His Journey

            Hard work leads to ___________________

            People telling you about your great play leads to ___________________

            Over-confidence leads to ___________________

            Lesser practice intensity leads to ___________________

            Negative behavior leads to ___________________

            Distraction towards team leads to ___________________



Hard work leads to playing well.

            People telling you about your great play leads to leads to large ego.

            Over-confidence leads to lesser practice intensity.

            Lesser practice intensity leads to poorer performance.

            Negative behavior leads to distraction towards team.

            Distraction towards team leads to release from team.


Question Five

According to a blog post, scientists discovered a secret to goaltending. What is it?



Watch the puck particularly before the release of the shot.


Question Six

In “Competition” learning to compete is vital to?



Success both on- and off-the-ice.


Question Seven

“Theo and Slumps (What to Learn)” dealt with what goalies (and players) need to do when they are in a “slump.” What suggestion was given to break the slump in regards to practice?



Work on fundamentals in practice such as movement, watching the puck into body when making a save, proper save selection and rebound control.


Question Eight

In “Body Language – Enough Said” Coach Whalen described a goalie’s reaction to a goal against during last spring’s Rocky Mountain District Championship Tournament. What did the goalie do wrong and how should he have reacted? (0.5 points for each correct answer)



The goalie laid on the ice face-down covering his mask with his gloves admitting the mistake and defeat. He should have got right back up, told his teammates everything was fine and to relax and then mentally prepared himself to make the next save.


Question Nine

In “Selfish Lost” a situation is only “adversity” when viewed as such. Most of the time is is?



Adversity is, many times, a hidden opportunity.


Question Ten

Chris Osgood gave advice to young goalies looking to make it to the NHL. What is it?



Study other goalies and take a little from each and try to incorporate into their own game.


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