The Rbk Challenge – Week Eight Standings

The Top 5 for each age group listed below. The complete standings will be emailed to everyone.

Group A (’00-96)

1. Cavanaugh (154.00 Points)

2. Jahde (150.00 Points)

3. Munn (148.00 Points)

4. Martin (146.50 Points)

5. Fessenden (143.00 Points)

Group B (’95-92)

1. Abruzzo (144.00 Points)

2. Finley (141.50 Points)

3. Jacobs (138.00 Points)

4. Bader (137.50 Points)

5. Roffe (136.00 Points)

Week 8 features no change in the top three for Group One but Martin and Fessenden did change spots after Martin’s 10-point on-ice performance and he is only 1.5 points behind for the third spot.

For Group Two, some major changes. First while Abruzzo keeps the top spot Finley makes a huge jump into second place during a weekend of personal disappointment. Mental toughness is the key to the position and Finley looks to be an example of it. With Eaton not attending and Collins not turning in trivia, they fall out of the Top 5 while Roffe enters after a strong performance this weekend and is only 2 points out of third place. Way to go Mr. Roffe!!

Only two sessions left. Will there be further shake-ups next week? Attendance is a must. On-ice points are a must and trivia points are vital.

Every point matters. Make sure you are earning yours for the chance to earn new Rbk goalie gear.


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