Anchoring the Pads

We have noticed through the camp and any other time we work with younger goalies, they (and their parents) need help understand what to do with the skate lace ties at the toes of the leg pads. Vaughn Hockey, who has made some of the best goal gear for many years, has instruction on their site so I thought I would post it here in attempt to help all the young keepers and their parents.

We hear the question often on what is the right way to use tie-on-toes. Young goalies especially have difficulties figuring this out until someone shows them the correct way.

Tie-on-toes have become more popular than the old style toe buckles for 2 reasons:

1.       They anchor the pads on their place more effectively.

2.       They are much more durable and maintenance free.

With the following images and instructions you can anchor your pads properly with tie-on-toes

1.       Set the pad in front of the skate and position the laces so that the pad is centered.

2.       Criss-cross the laces through the holes in the blade and pull the pad tightly to the  blade.

3.       Bring laces up on top of the skate and pull them tight on top of your skate laces.

4.       Here you see correctly tied tie-on-toes.

5.       Here’s another angle to give you a better view.

6.       Bring the pad up or kneel down on it and tie the straps starting from the bottom ones.

7.       Here’s an example of a properly anchored pad with tie-on-toes.


Posted with permission from Vaughn Hockey.


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