When Emotions Can’t be Controlled


You may remember the video of Patrick Roy’s son, Jonathan, skating down the ice to fight the opposing goalie in a Quebec Major Junior playoff game last spring. It was an appalling act and a clear indication the young Roy has no self-control when his emotions are high, if at all. The former Littleton Hawk will have to face a judge this fall to answer for his behavior and, based on the video, it’s hard to believe he will not be legally punished.

Roy probably never thought his behavior on the ice could result in facing legal action while he was pounding the opposing goalie. But, when your emotions are too high, clear thought of consequences is never available.

On a side note, there has been much talk of the Montreal Canadiens not retiring Patrick Roy’s, Jonathan’s father and coach, #33 due to this incident. The Canadiens have always been know as a class-act organization and believe giving Patrick the honor would reflect poorly on their franchise. Although I greatly admired Patrick Roy throughout his career and feel he may be the best goalie to ever play the game, his lack of control during the game should cost him.

Net Lesson

In life you are responsible for your actions and when emotions dictate your behavior you will pay. Whether during a game or outside the rink, when you are overwhelmed with emotion and want to strike out, step back, take a deep breath and gain back your self-control. Otherwise you’ll never consider the consequences and it could cost you dearly.


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