Rbk Challenge – Week Nine Standings

The Top 5 for each age group listed below. The complete standings will be emailed to everyone.

Group A (’00-96)

1. Cavanaugh and Jahde (170.00 Points) {tie}

2. Martin (166.50 Points)

3. Munn (163.00 Points)

4. Fessenden (159.50 Points)

5. Verity (158.50 Points)

Group B (’95-92)

1. Abruzzo (163.00 Points)

2. Finley (160.50 Points)

3. Bader (158.50 Points)

4. Jacobs and Roffe (154.00 Points) {tie}

5. Dohne (147.50 Points)

Group One’s week created a tie at the top spot between Cavanaugh and Jahde after Jahde’s performance during the on-ice drill. Martin leapfrogged into second place while Verity returns to the Top Five for the first time since Week Six.

For Group Two, Finley fails to narrow the margin between himself and leader Abruzzo while Bader jumps to the third spot. Jacobs falters slightly and now finds himself tied with Roffe who jumped to 4 from 5.

Next week is the last chance so make sure you battle for every point. Again, 1st place gets new Rbk leg pads, 2nd place gets a set of Rbk gloves (Group A) or the newly released goal mask (Group B) and third place is Rbk goal sticks. Too much on the line…


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