Focus Defined

Great story about a goalie, Mike Lee, coming out-of-nowhere to give himself a shot at competing for a spot on Team USA at the U.S.A. National Junior Festival in Lake Placid. Considering the insular world of USA Hockey, this is a great story and everyone should be cheering Lee on. The underdog is getting a chance….

In the article it quotes him saying-

Obviousy I’m going there to make the team, but I can’t control that. I just want to do the best that I can.”

This is a kid who should do well wherever he ends up because he understands where to channel his focus – what he can control. Like anyone trying out, he cannot control what the coaching staff is looking for. He cannot control the performance of the other goalies during the training camp. He cannot control anything other than himself and he seems to understand that.

Net Lesson

Since a goalie cannot control the mind of a coach, his teammates play, the opposing team, the ice conditions, or a host of other things, he must focus only on areas that can be influenced. Successful goalies (and people) understand this and worry about what they can control, namely their work ethic, preparation, mental state, and performance.


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