Rbk Trivia Challenge Answers – July 27 – August 2

  1. Dan Daccord’s thoughts in tryouts were posted recently. One of his six points goalies need to keep in their mind while going through the tryout sessions is to compete on every shot. Why?ANSWER – You never know when the coach is looking
  2. In the post discussing Nabakov and his leading Team Russia to a World Championship Gold Medal, a reason was given as to why many goalies never get the chance to play at the highest levels. What was the reason?ANSWER – They do not “move on” after a failure.
  3. What is the reason why many back-up goalies never become starters according to the post “Quotes from Osgood All Young Goalies Should Memorize”?ANSWER – Goalies who are designated back-up on a team begin to think they are getting a raw deal and which leads to confidence problems and unfocused practices.
  4. According to the Dan Blackburn article republished on the blog, what separates greatness in goaltending from mediocrity?ANSWER – The mental game, according to Blackburn, is the separation from mediocrity to greatness.
  5. During last weekend’s on-ice session, what is the one thing (aside from allowing a goal against) a goalie should never allow to happen when their team is on the power play and the opposing team dumps the puck directly on net to make the goalie play the puck?ANSWER – Covering the puck and forcing a face-off in the defensive zone. This wastes valuable seconds in the power play and the team has to work again to gain momentum.
  6. When Leland Irving hit a rough spot in his career (“Leland Irving a Model for Dealing with Adversity”) what did he do to improve his play?ANSWER – Irving went “back to the basics” when struggled to gain confidence and his play improved.
  7.  In “A Quick Word on AAA Tryouts” two wise phrases were suggested for goalies to remember. What were they?ANSWER – The two phrases were “What are you doing right now to better yourself” and “Right now, someone wants what you do and is working hard to get it.”
  8. Three reasons were given in the “Stanley Cup Game 2 Goalie Recap” why goalies should play the puck outside of their crease when the opposing team dumps it in the goalie’s zone. They are? NOTE – GENERALLY WE DO NOT RECOMMEND GOALIES IN SQUIRTS OR BELOW PLAY THE PUCK OUTSIDE OF THEIR NET.ANSWERS – The three reasons are it begins a quick transition to offense, prevents the puck from staying low in the goalie’s zone, and prevents the wear on the goalie’s defense because they are not as likely to be hit by the forecheckers.
  9. From his article, Dan Blackburn suggests what technique to assist in focusing for the next shot after allowing a goal?ANSWER – To battle back from allowing a goal, Blackburn suggests positive self-talk to focus on the next shot.
  10. A recent post “How Things Can Change Quickly for Goalies – Lesson from the NHL for Younger Goalies” discussed the goalie situation in Nashville and listed three steps each goalie can take to avoid becoming being benched. What are they?ANSWER – The three steps are: Understand hard work is the only road to success, never take anything for granted, and work to improve every day.

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