RBK Challenge – Week 10

Hello Goalies,

With the last session of the camp and Rbk Challenge, it is important we go over the process of determining which goalies finish in the top three slots of each age group. As you may have seen, both groups are close with Group One having two goalies tied for the top spot. This finish is what we have hoped for.

Here is what to expect for Week 10.

Each goalie will participate in the Rbk Challenge by facing breakaways. Each breakaway resulting in a non-goal will be worth one point. Each goalie will face 10 breakaways for a total of 10 points.

Shooters (all Thunderbirds Midget AAA) will be instructed to shoot to the goalie’s age-level to give each goalie the best opportunity to earn points. This means ’98-99 goalies will not face the same level of breakaway as a ’96-97 since they, presumably, have played goalie longer and have more experience. There will be no exceptions to this decision. (This is similar to last week where we had ’99 birth years face a different drill than any other birth years since it is more age-appropriate to have them face on-net dump-ins rather than stopping and moving the puck behind the net with a fore checker applying pressure). Shooters will not be allowed to attack the net using anything more than what goalies experience on the ice (i.e. no fancy lacrosse moves).

Since trivia questions are due Saturday morning before the on-ice session and will have an effect on the final scores, trivia will be added up before the on-ice session begins. No trivia points will be counted if turned in later than 7.00 Saturday morning (yes, 7.00 Mountain Standard Time).


If there is a tie at the end of the trivia grading and on-ice drill for any of the Top Three slots, those goalies will continue in the breakaway drills. The first round will be best score out of 3 breakaways.


If tie still persists after the first round, goalies will face sudden death meaning each will face one breakaway. If one goalie saves the puck while the other is scored upon, the Challenge is over. If both make saves and/or get scored on, we continue until one goalie wins.


The Rbk Challenge winners will be announced in a meeting at the restaurant-area of the Ice Ranch twenty minutes after the last ice session. We will not release the list of each group’s Top Three until this meeting. No exceptions.


We ask all goalies attend this meeting to find out who won as well as an end of camp celebration (details to be announced Thursday).


Look forward to seeing everyone and a great finish to the camp and Rbk Challenge.


Coach W


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