Changing the Glove for Better

At the “closing ceremonies” last Saturday Ryan Hissong spoke to many of the camp goalies about changing the lacing of their catch glove’s pocket to skate lace. The advantages of skate lace are-


·     Allows for deeper pocket which eliminates many rebounds

·     Goalies get a better feel for the puck – again limiting rebounds



Ryan delivered my son’s glove the other day (picture below) and there is a remarkable difference between Dillon catching the puck before the skate lacing and after. ALL YOUNG GOALIES SHOULD CONSIDER THIS TO IMPROVE THEIR PUCK CONTROL WITH THE CATCH GLOVE. THERE IS A REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE.



Ryan does give a lifetime guarantee of his hand woven work.  He turns the gloves around in a very short time – I know my son’s and several other gloves were delivered back within 36 hours. Please contact him at the number/email below – you will not be disappointed.


Saves and Strides – Ryan Hissong – 324 Harrison Street – Denver, 80230 – (303) 803-3020 –


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