Below are photos of the new Reebok (not Rbk, the name is going away) Premier III pads that will start being worn by NHL goalies this coming fall. These will be available to all other goalies sometime in the calander year 2009.

From what I can tell, the pads are very similiar to Premier II (which were similiar to Premier I) but I think the graphics look much better.

The catch glove features a one-piece cuff that seems a bit goofy looking. I assume it looks better in person. It really looks like the cuff and graphics are the only changes.

 Blocker – a blocker is a blocker…. the better graphics for sure.

Below is a pic of Loungo (in background) on the ice recently with the new pads… and they are white….



  1. Matt Mroz says:

    Those pads are wicked i want them, but it looks like i’ll have to wait a couple months

  2. ryley shipton says:

    i like the premiur series 2 way better!!!!

  3. tyler says:

    the premier pads look really sweet and all but watching Huet and Vokun with them on dont look that good. So they might just be for looks and not for preformance. i have a complete set of premier 2 pads and i think they are a lot better than the premier 3 pads. reebok should just stick with the P2 pads and just change the design of them for the P3 pads. and the one-piece cuff i think is really stupid. every one-piece cuff i have used/tested is very bad.

  4. Mike Casarin says:

    Nice stuff! Way better then the II’s, Do you know anything about Marty Turco’s new equipment? It’s still reebok but they have a different graphic, He has a black pair and a gold pair.

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