Louie’s Hardwork Leads to Leadership Role – What to Learn


Although not able to serve as the captain in games, Loungo has been officially announced as the captain of the Canucks. Due to NHL rules, he will not be able to wear the “C” but he is clearly the leader of the team.

In discussing the honor, Loungo said “”I think you lead by example, that’s the main thing. Any time you’re in the arena, you want to be fully dedicated to what you’re doing whether it’s on the ice, in the gym or in the locker-room.

Net Lesson

All goalies should take Loungo’s message and implement it into their approach into playing the position and game.  Dedication to your craft leads to hard work. Hard work tends to lead to better performance. Both will be noticed by teammates and, for most, they will elevate their own games.

Getting others to elevate their performance is what leaders do. A goalie who has become a leader now has teammates who will do whatever it takes to help him win games. Everyone wins when the goalie takes the time to become a team leader.


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