Reebok Premier III Pro Series Details Leaked….

As the new NHL season is beginning the Reebok pads are on full display. Below are details I received from JC Bergeron the goalie guru for Reebok last week.

Premier III Pro Pads – now features a squared top inside roll design for better 5 hole coverage as well as legal NHL calf design and anatomical three piece knee raiser for better support in the butterfly. The interior core uses molded EPP for premium balance.

Premier III Pro Catch – An redesigned one-piece thumb and cuff using high performance injection molded EPE foam for better wrist mobility and increased coverage. Also features a pre-flexed palm that is game ready using a 60-degree angle fit (90 degree is custom order).

Premier III Pro Blocker – Uses a new grip palm and grey Ultima-dry liner for better control of the puck. Wrist mobility and thumb protection are increased.

Premier III Goal Stick – Full carbon fiber design with a woven wrapped handle for reduced weight and increased durability. Paddle and blade feature a lightweight dampening layer for impact absorption and unparalleled balance.

Stock pad colors –




First pads arrive in December.


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