Psychology of Goaltending: Leadership

A short video of a sports psychologist talking about a goalie’s confidence and how it guides a team. Goalies can’t wear a C on their sweater but when the game is on the line and the team needs a leader, they look to the guy between the pipes in their defensive end.

Goalies need to understand they effect a team more than any other including the coaches and the players who have been given their C and A. A goalie’s previous performance is critical to a team’s ability to win the game being played at that moment.

Leadership opportunity all begins with a work ethic and commitment to be the best.

If the goalie works hard and players know he will give them a chance to win, the team will perform better and take appropriate chances because they know the goalie will be there for them.

If the goalie is not dependable, the skaters squeeze their sticks too firmly in close games and will be afraid to make mistakes. Unfortunately, the fear of making mistakes enhances the possibility of actually making them.

Net Lesson

As President Theodore Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Goalies don’t need to say much to their team, just lead their team by giving their team a chance to win every night (i.e. “carry the big stick”) and the team will do very well.


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