Timmy Thomas and the Northeast’s Goalie Domination

From NHL.com

82744855EG012_TORONTO_MAPLETim Thomas became the first Bruins goaltender with consecutive shutouts since 1998-99. Byron Dafoe did it on April 3-5, 1999. It’s amazing that Thomas is only the second goaltender in NHL history to record consecutive 1-0 shutouts, following the Florida PanthersCraig Anderson, who did it last March 2-4. Thomas had his shutout streak stopped at 154:43 in a 3-2 loss to the Calgary Flames on Oct. 30.

When you think that before the 1960s, most NHL teams had only one goaltender and games were tightly contested, that’s a statistic that is hard to believe, but apparently true.

Thomas leads the NHL with a .944 save percentage and is second among NHL goaltenders with a 1.83 carey-price-montreal-canadiens-nc-thumbgoals-against average, trailing only Buffalo’s Ryan Miller, who has a 1.62 GAA.  

For the record, Ottawa’s Alex Auld, in 6 games, is fourth with a .931 save percentage and fifth with a 2.15 GAA. Montreal’s Carey Price is fifth with a .928 save percentage and seventh with a 2.17 GAA.

No wonder the Northeast is playing so well against the opposition.


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