The Secret to Roy’s Success All Goalies Should Adapt

With the Habs ready to retire Patrick Roy’s #33 Saturday night, he was interviewed and discussed his career and how he approached his position on the ice and within the teams he played for.

roy-ii“I always thought goaltenders could not show weaknesses,” Roy said via conference call.

“We played against Detroit one year in the playoffs and we lost the first two games in Denver, and then we’re going in Detroit. I felt that I could not show weaknesses by saying: ‘Oh, I’m not sure. It’s going to be tough.’ You always had to show that you were strong and nothing would affect you.

“The position demands that you stand tall and say: ‘Hey guys, I’m here,’ ” Roy said. “You don’t want to have the players thinking ‘is the goaltender going to be okay tonight? Is he going to be shaky?’ You want to make sure the guys go: ‘We’re okay, Patty is in the net. He’s going to have a good game, and all I have to worry about is playing hard.’ “

Net Lesson

Goalies must never show they are frustrated either on- or off-ice and always appear ready for any challenge in a cool manner. Body language is everything – slumping shoulders, avoiding looking at people in the eye, etc are signs of insecurity. If a goalie is not convinced he is the man for the job, no one will be.

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