Confirmed – Conklin the Starter

December 31, 2008


As they call it, Ty Conklin is the starter for tomorrow’s NHL Winter Classic.


In the modern era, there have been three outdoor games (Edmonton vs Monteal in ’03, Pittsburgh vs Buffalo in ’08 and Detroit vs Chicago in ’09). Conks has been there all along and will try to better his 36-save shutout win on Tuesday against the same Hawks.


Fan or not of his play, that is awesome. Hope he has a great game…


USA Today’s NHL Mid-Season Awards

December 31, 2008

In today’s paper Kevin Allen lists the Best and Worst in the NHL.

Top Goalies, he names

1. Tandam of Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez (Boston)


2. Evengi Nabokov (San Jose)


3. Niklas Backstrom (Minnesota)


The Importance of Goaltending Confidence

December 30, 2008

Sport psychologist Adam Naylor speaking to goalies about the importance of goaltender’s confidence. Short video but worth viewing and then relating to your game.

1. Beliefs – a goalie’s philosophy towards competing (not enough goalies know how to really compete)

2. Energy – what is the correct energy level for goalies?

3. Leadership – how does the goalie act, look and view themselves

4.  Focus – how does the goalie focus for the entire game?

Fleury vs. Price

December 30, 2008


Who will be the Eastern Conference starter for the NHL All-Star Game, M.A. price1Fleury or Carey Price? Go to to vote and cast a vote for your favorite. says the voting is very close so make a difference and see the goalie of your choice in net as the puck is dropped in Montreal.

The Need for Work Ethic and Passion

December 27, 2008

Having seen many players (goalies and skaters) once considered very good at younger ages only to become average when it really matters (2nd year bantam through midgets), I have noticed two common factors in every case: the lack of work ethic and passion for the game.

Although the player is ultimately responsible, coaches typically do not challenge their young “star players” enough to become better which robs their development for the future. This non-challenge atmosphere in concert with the player being told how awesome he is creates a lazy work ethic and a sense of entitlement which, by definition, robs the player of any passion. Both are death in hockey development.

Young players do not have the facilities and, particularly, the perspective  to understand other kids will get better as they grow older. Opponents once dominated will significantly improve as they get bigger, stronger, and reap the fruits of their hard labor in skill development. The “star player” with little work ethic and no passion will be left behind or barely hold-on. There are only very few exceptions and no one should assume they are one of the exceptions.

Below is a quote about the work ethic and passion of one of the greatest goalies of all time. He has dominated since his rookie year in the NHL and has added to his exceptional talents by a consistent work ethic and love of the game. I have watched him practice several times through the years and he is a role model for all young players.

Every time I have watched him, it is clear, while working hard, he is enjoying his time on the ice. One practice I saw at their facility in New Jersey two years ago, Brodeur was challenging his teammates to shoot at his glove during a flow drill. When the puck was hitting his catch glove Brodeur would deflect the puck in the air above him and try to catch it behind his back. He was not simply screwing around, he was having fun while working in practice.

era10403050143“It’s real important to work hard and you either have skill or you don’t, but you have to refine your skills by working hard. For me, I have a lot of skill, but anybody that’s played with me will tell you what makes me different from other people is the work ethic. I don’t care how skilled you are, if you don’t have the work ethic and put in the time to develop your talent and technique, you’ll never make it. It’s important. All the best goalies I’ve come across at All-Star Games and the Olympics, we have one thing in common and it’s that we really care about what we do. ‘

Martin Brodeur

The Masks of the Greatest Franchise

December 25, 2008

Video of the masks worn by goalies representing the greatest franchise in the history of the NHL. From Plante to Dryden and Roy to Price, some of the greatest masks have been worn by the Habs.

Merry Christmas: The NHL Network’s Top 10 Goalies of All-Time

December 25, 2008

Who is considered the ten best goalies in the history of the NHL?

#10 – #6

#6 – #3

#3 – #1