2008 Christmas Camp Information

With the camp this weekend, please read through the following important information.

As before, the camp is divided into two groups with age being the primary consideration. Below is a listing of each group make-up along with the time of each ice session.

Group One

On-ice times:  December 20 at 6.15 pm, December 21 at 3.45 pm and December 22 at 8.00 am

Goalies: Dosen, Franzen, Stern, Cardova, Volmert,Verity, Whalen, Fessenden,Zurcher, Martin, Smith, Larson, Hayutin, Campbell, Crawford

Group Two

On-ice times: December 20 at 7.30 pm, December 21 at 5.00 pm and December 22 at 9.15 am

Goalies: Bader, Bryant, Shatzer, Shatzer, Carlson, Morgan, Kricke, Parker, DiNapoli, Stef, Jacobs, Hawkey, Barton, Roffe, Tantillo, Yinger

All of the sessions are at The Ice Ranch and both sheets will be used so please check the rink’s ice schedule for which rink. With 75-minute sessions and much to go over, please get to the rink early enough to stretch. There will be little time to stretch on the ice.

We look forward to working with everyone of you. The camp is designed to work each goalie in many areas with particular emphasis on agility and quickness so it is important all goalies stretch before taking the ice.


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