Price, Goaltending, and the Pressures of Montreal

Great article linked below that is the cover story for this week’s ESPN Magazine regarding playing in net for the Habs – the “most stressful job in sports.”

A few quotes on the psychology of goaltending from the article all goalies should read. First , goalies can’t let anything, including success, dictate their outlook on the game and their performance.

  •  “Mental outlook is such an important part of being a goalie,” says Price in the measured cadence inherited from his father. “My dad always told me to have a short memory, whether things are going good or bad. Play in the moment. If one goes in, forget about it and get ready for the next one.”

Second, the entire team needs leadership and many times they look to their goalie to provide reassurance everything will be alright. This is why goalies cannot allow negative emotion to show particularly when things are not going well. Laying on the ice too long after a goal has been scored against, yelling at the referee, or teammates, is unacceptable. Goalies need to be “the rock” for their team so the team can concentrate on their own responsibilites to work for the win.

  • That’s why Price’s quietness and composure may be his best assets. “He’s always calm back there, and it spills over to the whole team,” says teammate Mike Komisarek. “No matter how crazy things get, he doesn’t show much.”
  • … according to (Ken) Dryden, who wrote about his time in Montreal in his 1983 book The Game. “You’re trying to deliver a message to your team that things are okay back here. This end of the ice is pretty well cared for.”



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