Tim Thomas Kicking Obstacles Aside to be an NHL All-Star


With the NHL All-Star game today, NHL.com published a piece on Tim Thomas, the incredible goalie from the Bruins.

thomas-all-starIf you are a regular visitor to this blog you’ll know we believe Thomas is possibly the best goalie in the NHL today. Why? He is an honest goalie who battles for every puck, plays with passion, and has a style all his own. Similiar to his career, whenever Thomas looks beaten, he comes up with the save.

All goalies, particularly young, should read the article linked above and see what relentless determination against all-odds can produce.

As St. Louis Blues goalie Manny Legace is quoted in the article, “obstacles are a part of the game that we have to overcome and Tim is one of those guys who has kicked aside every one of his obstacles.”

Added former teammate at the University of Vermont, Martin St. Louis, “He plays with so much passion. I’ve always felt not taking no for an answer is the attitude you need if you want to go places. He didn’t have an easy road here. But, he found a way.”

He does find a way (NHL leading 93.4 save percentage with a 4th best 2.09 goals against average) including getting the the 2009 All Star Game when he was never even on the ballot. Somehow, like most the saves he makes, he just makes it happen.

Speaking of saves, this was a beauty during the NHL All Star Game in overtime to help the East win. Just another incredible save from Mr. Thomas.


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