USA Hockey Introduces the American Developmental Model

Today USA Hockey unveiled their ambitious new developmental program that will change youth hockey throughout the United States. In order to qualify. youth progams, at all levels, will need to follow strict steps for training (on- and off-ice) all in an effort to develop the best hockey players throghout the United States. Tier I (AAA hockey) will dramitically change with the establishment of the “High Performance Club Programs.” Only 36 of these clubs will exist throughout the United States which essentially reduces the amount of AAA clubs from 110 (Midget Major). The NHL is contributing $8 million per year (5 years) for the program with all funds going towards the “High Performance Club Programs.”

Although details are few right now, please visit the links below to get a better understanding.

This should be a excellent step forward to all hockey players in the United States. For goalies, those of you doing the math at home, the number of slots to play AAA hockey in any particular age group went from 220 open positions (Midget Major) to 72.

As I always tell players, what are you doing right now to give yourself a shot? You better get working…


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