Advice for Playing the Breakaway from the Pros posted a great article for all goalies to read – “Goalies Advice: Watch the Puck, Not the Moves” – about how to play shootouts (i.e. breakaways).


Martin Brodeur suggests the following: pay attention to shooters tendencies while watching them play other teams (i.e. scout), focus only on the puck when player is approaching, and force the shooter out of his comfort zone.

On puck focus – “He (the shooter) can do whatever he wants to do all the way down the ice because it has no bearing on what he’s going to do when he shoots the puck. As a goalie your shootout starts alomst from the hash marks or top of the circle. That is really where your challenge is, instead of watching him go fast or slow…”.

On shooter comfort zone – “It’s patience and trying to know what he’s going to do before he does it. If you take it away, now he has to go to option two, and within a couple of seconds to go to option two, you better be right. And option two isn’t usually as good as option one.”

Marty Turco adds unpredictibility is also key.

turco“The other guy (shooter) doesn’t have a clue what I’m going to do, and I don’t really know, either. That’s a good thing, and the instinct to never give up shows through. I’ve been downright beaten, guessed the wrong way and still happen to make maybe half the saves. They say lack of style and instincts hurt, but it helps in a split-second situation.”

Read the entire article here –

Watch NHL Top 5 Shootout Saves from 2008-09 Season


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