Top 10 Stick Saves in NHL History

There’s a Top 10 list for everything and NHL goalies making saves with their sticks is no exception.

TSN rates the best including an unbelievable save from Curtis Joseph against the Avalanche in the 1998 Stanley Cup Round 1 Game 7 contest (your truly was there and still remembers that save like it was yesterday).  Joseph’s save came in the 2nd period with the Oilers leading 1-0 and totally deflated the Avs who had been shutout by Joseph since early in Game 5. Oilers won Game 7 3-0 after the Avs led the series 3-1. Definitely this save should rank higher than #7.

Carey Price’s save from the 2008-09 preseason against the Wings ranks #3. Simply this Top 10 is robbing Carey Price  just as much as he robbed the Wings.

All of these saves are made in desperation and are a result of the required mentality of any successful goalie: the “never-die” attitude which was personified by Curtis Joseph back in 1998 when he shut down the Avs in Games 5-7 and making the brilliant save featured in the TSN Top 10.


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